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Friday, June 19, 2009


I  am very lucky and blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful men. My daddy has always been the greatest. I LOVED him from the beginning. So much that I was born on his birthday, July 19th. My dad has always been a man of integrity, honesty, passion, and a great Bible teacher! My father has always led by example. He is a true leader and a man of God. 
My father-in-law is the BEST!! From the beginning, he has always done anything I ask of him. EVER! He is so great about helping us in our yard and around the house. He truly is a selfless man and so gracious. I also like your humor! Mr. Johnny, I LOVE you so much. Thanks for being a wonderful father and role model. The offer still stands for y'all to move in :)
And last but not least, my precious Stephen. You constantly amaze me everyday at what a great father you are. You love Paisley so much and only want the best for her. NOT only does she look like you, but she also has your energy!! YIKES! Just kidding... Seriously, she loves playing with you and looks forward to your rides to school each morning and trips to the park. She cherishes the time you two spend together and looks forward to it daily. 
Stephen, I am so proud of you and your new job. I know that God has things in store for you at this company. I am so excited about this new chapter in our lives. Your hard work and persistence has paid off. You are an amazing husband, father, and provider. I am so grateful for all that you do for our family. You truly are my best friend. 
Happy Father's Day to all of the sweet men in my life!! YOU ARE ALL THE BEST!!! 
Katie Jane 

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Beth Dunn said...

Such a sweet post! xoxo