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Monday, May 23, 2011



I (Paisley) adopted a sweet baby Bambo!!!!

This is Rosalie, also known as Rosy, and she is heading to Tennessee! WOO HOO!!

SO after needing oxygen on Thursday from winning this doll off of E-bay,
Stephen left me with the kids for the weekend. He needed to go work a sleep show meeting.
So being the cool mom I am, we ordered Chinese Food (Brentwood has the best place. China Wok, and they deliver!!) and watched Bee Movie. Then we hauled the bounce house inside. To the den., Yes, you read that correctly. Paisley thought it was fabulous! Griffin bounced until his eyes were rolling in the back of his head!

Look at that sweet muffin.....He is being a little monster right now!! Teething, biting, trying to walk and he is VERY wobbly, and also he is just frustrated in general. He doesn't understand why he can't bite people, pull hair, and why he gets his arm spanked every time he tries to rip the blinds. His little feelings are always hurt when he's told no. It's pretty cute.

Paisley is being much sweeter to him. I love that sweet baby girl. She had a very good teacher conference and we were told she is excelling in school and socializing. The teacher told me that she has a very hard time sitting still during reading circle. She wants to finish the story and make up her own ending! I was trying not to laugh out loud. At least she is creative!

Saturday morning, I took the kids to Franklin and we did the Fiddlin' Fish 5K. It was so much fun! I cannot believe I finished a 5K in 40 minutes with two kids pushing a jogging stroller. Go me, go me!!

Afterwards, we went to a birthday party for Paisley's BFF Sarh Carson at Shady Acres down in Arrington. It was AWESOME! They had a beautiful area for riding ponies, and had two cute pigs and donkeys. Paisley and Griffin loved it!!

Changing gears, sweet Grace had to be admitted to Vanderbilt this week for running fever and having the shakes. She went home Monday afternoon, so thank goodness it was a short stay. She is such a sweet little angel. Amy and Forest are staying strong for the most part. They definitely have their moments, like everyone would. I am so proud of all of them for being so brave.

Saturday night, we went up to visit and I became very emotional. Very unlike me. I usually can hold it together until I get to the car. But not Saturday. I cried like a baby. It was so hard to see her back in the hospital. It is like reliving 10 weeks ago all over again. Amy said the same thing. Kids are not supposed to be sick. They need to be outside and playing! Grace handles all of this so well!! She was so excited to see "Plaisley" as she calls her. They air kissed through the isolation doors. Please keep this family in your prayers. They are feeling them, everyday! You can follow them on You can also find a Facebook page called Angels 4 Grace.

I loved that her daddy, Forest, shaved his head, too. Precious!

Afterwards, we went to Ted's Montana Grill. I love this place. They a great bison burger and fries. It was so delicious!!! Definitely try it out if you are downtown!

Sunday we went to the park and took the babies and had such a nice time. We hardly ever skip church, but we needed some family time. It was lovely.

Griffin was super fussy and sick on Sunday, so we came home and took it easy. It was nice to relax.

Yesterday, Stephen and I went and picked up our bikes from Cumberland Transit. I love this store. It is downtown on West End. If you ever buy a bike, go here. They have so many to choose from! I picked out the Felt Cafe 3....There wasn't a pink option or I would have bought it :)

Afterwards, we went to Satco on 21st and had some Tacos and afterwards, Paisley finished it off with a strawberry cone from Ben and Jerry's. What a fun weekend!!

What have you all been up to?



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Hope you are all having a great day!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Sorry I have been MIA for the past week. We have been vactioning in the Grand Caymans. I would love to tell you all that it was terrible and rained everyday. But it didn't. HA. It was awesome! And the most awesome part of the whole trip? NO KIDS!


All of you with children know how nice it is to go anywhere without your children and just spend time with your have 5 days was insane. I had such a nice time reconnecting with Stephen....

We flew into Ft Lauderdale (free Southwest flights) and took a cab to Miami and stayed at The Intercontinental. They had no single rooms, so they upgraded us to the Penthouse! Woohoo! We were on the 32nd floor and the views were breathtaking!! After waking up and meeting our friend Tim for breakfast, we flew a quick 90 minutes to the Grand Caymans via Cayman Airways. Loved that airliine...they were so nice!

We quickly went through customs, and then had a car take us to the Marriott on 7 Mile Beach in George Town.

This is not a postcard...I actually took this! Gorgeous!
We spent our days doing alot of this...drinking rum punch....

And alot of this: Eating! This is Jamaican Jerk Pizza at Periwinkle inside The Ritz Carlton. Delicious!

We also ate dinner at Grand Cayman Suites. It was so delicious!

Can you find the iguana??

He would make a great bag! I kid...I kid...

We also did lots of snorkeling! This is the most unbelievable snorkeling in the Carribbean.

We went to Eden Rock and saw some great fish!

And also great shopping at Camana Bay...

We loved this restaurant! in Georgetown. It was absolutely delicious!

Dinner at The Lobster far Stephen's favorite dinner!

I highly recommend the Red Sail Sports Stingray and Snorkel Tour!

We had a marvelous time swimming with the stinrays and snorkeling...It was also a fabulous boat ride!

How gorgeous is that water???? The picture is untouched!

Stephen went pretty far in the water and he loved every minute of it!

SO in conclusion, check out The Grand Caymans! Greatest trip. EVER!



Sunday, May 15, 2011


That is the question!!

-First, you girls (and guys, too) know that beach bags are my fav!! There are SOOO many to choose from! I found a really cute one at Tarjay not too long ago that is straw that I adore!

This one below is pricey from JCrew...The Mermaid tote for $198...

This is also a pricey one...The Anya Hindmarch Beach Bag (around $250)...Is this not to die for?


I did a post a few weeks back about swimwear, so I will just hit cover ups.

I am a big fan of the tunic right now. Or any cute sleeveless dress that is easy to shimmy off.

I try to somewhat match on the beach. If I have on a solid swimsuit then I do a colorful cover-up.

Here is my favorite gossip girl Serena (Blake Lively) sporting a very cute one and straw bag!


Just because you are going to the beach doesn't mean you should look like a slob. A 5 minute get ready and you will look fantastic!

I am a big fan of the ponytail or a bun at the beach or pool.. It is just too hot to sport a full lion's mane.

The other thing I am a big fan of is SUNSCREEN!!

-I love Obagi (around $30. Can find on Amazon,, and any Dermatologists office)

-I also love Blue Lizard. You can buy this on Amazon, from most Dermatologists office, and also CVS Pharmacy will custom order for you.

-I am also a fan of this John Frieda Beach Waves, You just spray it in wet hair, put it in a bun, and your hair smells like coconut!! Love it...Bobbi Brown also makes a similar one...

I also love this pink hard water proof case for your Ipad. Isn't this cute? There are tons online! Just look!

I also love to read off my Ipad. It is so nice to not carry books! Currently, I am reading True Whit by Whitney Port, The Red Tent, and also the autobiography by Steven Tyler. Along with about 30 magazines. No need hauling anything but an Ipad! SO NICE :)


An Ipod is a great beach essential. I highly recommend Skullcandy headphones. They are so comfy. If you are looking to invest, try the Bose noise reducing ones. They are pricey, but if you travel lots (like my husband), then it is worth the investment. If you are playing music, try the Sony portable speakers(around $30.00). I even use these when I am jogging with the stroller. That way, I can still hear the kids and we can all listen to music!

2011 Beach Playlist:

Jason Aldean

Adele: Rolling In The Deep and the entire album

Jack Johnson

Dave Matthews Band

Jimmy Buffett (I mean, duh.)

The Cranberries

Florence + The Machines Dog Days Are Over

The Black Keys
Mumford and Sons



Pirates Booty Aged White Cheddar Popcorn

Planters Nut Mix (South Beach Style)

Peanut Butter (The Bees Knees-Peanut Butter & Co)


Mozzarella and Tomatoes

And that my friends, should do it! Did you bring the sink??



Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I woke up to this on Sunday Morning....Paisley is now obsessed with make-up. I think she might be headed to clown school. We need to talk about toning down and less is more! ha!
Stephen let me sleep until 8:30. That is late at our house!! We had so much fun playing and acting silly! Paisley also continued to open and play with the INSANE amount of presents she got for her birthday!
The biggest hit of all was the dollhouse from mommy and daddy! $99 on Amazon with FREE SHIPPING! Gotta love that!! I love that Barbies can fit in it, too! Precious!
Everyone wanted to see the cotton candy topiaries and this is the ONLY picture I really have! Boo. They were very hard to make. I thought about using pink insulation for next time. Where can you buy insulation? Lowes? Just a thought. I used marshmallows for the other and it turned out supercute!!

Stephen did very good for Mother's Day...GIFT CARDS!! Belk and Forever 21! Two of my favorites!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!! LOVE TO MY MAMA AND MY MIL. THEY ARE THE BEST!!










Here are your random numbers:

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Timestamp: 2011-05-11 15:01:40 UTC

Monday, May 09, 2011


It was a big weekend at the Goody household. We celebrated Paisley's 4th Birthday on Saturday with Rapunzel, Tinkerbell, and about 35 of her closest friends. It was a great party, and it all went off without a glitch. The only minor issue was the rain that nearly started around 12:45pm. Thank goodness it did not last long and soon the sun came out and it was a beautiful day!!

I cannot say enough great things about Party Belles of Nashville.

These girls were fabulous!! Please give them a call if you need a princess!

Okay, back to the party...I had the princess tables set up in the front yard under a canopy tent. It turned out so cute I decorated in mostly pink and purples, along with princess wands and crowns. I found the pink plastic wine goblets at Party City. They LOVED them!

I also had my dining room set up as "Rapunzel's Tower Dressing Room."

My good friend Erika let me borrow a clothes rack, and I had all of Paisley's princess dresses, gowns, capes, and tiaras present so that the girls could primp and play!

After getting dressed, my good friend Heather and I did their make-up and hair. They thought this was fabulous! It was so cute! I also had iced and pink butter cookies set up for them to eat in the dressing room. We painted nails, used body glitter on their faces, and also applied lip gloss! It was all so cute!

The outside view....

Have you all made paper flowers? They are so easy and supercute!

The Candy Bar...Paisley's favorite part....

Paisley was so excited about the gifts....I made her wait until after the party to open, so she is constantly trying to peak. HA!

And this little muffin was such a Prince Charming. Love those dark eyes! SO sweet!

It was all I could do to keep Paisley out of the candy! HA!

Paisley's Birthday Cake was in the shape of a tower. It was darling!

I love that every picture shows her Hawaiian Punch mustache!

Birthday Cake! It was Strawberry with buttercream frosting...

My good friend Michelle Amnen made this tulle tablecloth for me. It is absolutely precious!

Paisley and Zain, our neighbor, are having a serious conversation!

Playing with Limbo with Rapunzel. They loved all the games!!

Maillie, Hudson, and Camelia

Tinkerbell and Rapunzel singing some songs....Another perk about living in Nashville: Everyone is a singer and these girls were UNreal....Rapunzel's real name is Aly Sutton. Check out her facebook page. I told her to remember us when she is a famous country music singer!

I love the long blonde hair on Rapunzel....Anna and Elizabeth Smith are the cutest sisters. They are major princesses!!

They all had many questions for Tinkerbell and Rapunzel!As in, where is Flynn Rider? Where is Mother Gothel? How did your hair get so long? Absolutely hilarious!

Dancing and playing!

Learning princess moves with Rapunzel.

Tinkerbell and Rapunzel...

Griffin thought Tinkerbell was fabulous!

Lance in his plated armor. The boys got armor, swords, and axes. I also had iced sugar cookies in the shapes of 4's and crowns for take home goodies.

We released Gold Balloons at the end of the party to represent the lanterns in Tangled. They made wishes as the balloons flew in the air (I used biodegradable.) This was the biggest hit of the party! They loved it!!!

Big hugs for happies from mommy. A new Stella and Dot bracelet, a Dora DVD (Dora Haircut), and a Fabulous Gorilla Webkinz.

Opening presents with my besties, Lance and Sarah Carson!

John Nick, one of Paisley's BFFs....

My babies who I do all this for! I love them more than life!

Rapunzel, Ashtyn Claire, and Tinkerbell

I have way more pictures but I will bore you all with these for now!
PS-You know I LOVE comments!!! :) :)