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Thursday, May 05, 2011


DSC_0213 by BambolettaDolls
DSC_0213, a photo by BambolettaDolls on Flickr.

She goes on sale at 12pm PDT. SO 2pm Central and 3pm Eastern. PLEEEZE someone win her for me!! and hit SHOP!


christy:) said...

Do you want this color or any of them????

Heather H said...

Well girl, I tried! Not sure if you were able to or if you were working, but it was CRAZY today. 10 were stuck in carts (blue hair included) so they reposted at 1:30 and that was even harder. Good news -- the blue girl is the serendipity doll! Ha! Good luck.

Heather H said...

If you're on FB, friend "Bamboletta Helper" stat. She's doing a secret serendipity rehome that ends tomorrow morning. You have to follow her instructions and comment on the note she left, but there's way less people trying for it. Hope you finally get your doll!

tammie said...

I'm glad I'm not flipping out over these b/c I would SO have to buy one for each of my nieces!