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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Happy Tuesday!

for starters, I would like to ask you all to please pray for this sweet family. They have two boys named Griffin and Logan and both have been diagnosed with a fatal genetic disease called Alpers Syndrome. You can read more about it here. THIS FAMILY NEEDS OUR PRAYERS! Can you imagine losing two children? I cannot. I have cried like a baby all morning every time I think about this story. This is when faith is tested. Please pass this on and let everyone you know about this family!!! Ask them ALL to pray! Let's show them how much we love them and COVER them in prayer. 

In a totally different direction, how many of you menu plan each week? Now that Stephen is home more with his new job, I am starting to plan more of our meals. Stephen is very traditional in that he likes a FULL supper every night, complete with dessert. He runs 30-40 miles a week, so he can eat whatever he wants. Not mama over here. SIGH. But I still try and cook healthy and be conscious of fat and calories. Sometimes this goes OUT the window when dessert and wine are involved. Ha. I try limit both of those. Some nights I succeed better than others! 

Here are some regulars on our rotation:

We have designated Monday as "Meatless". This usually means I cook one of these entrees:

I try my best to not drink during the week. Sometimes I have a half a glass of wine, and that is it. But some nights my kids are making me lose my flipping mind, fighting over toys and busting lips, and arguing, and.... its a tad more. As in, like, half a bottle. Or two. I kid, I kid. But you get my drift...

Okay, so here are some regulars on Tuesday thru Sunday!

For sides, I do LOTS of  steamed veggies!! Don't have a steamer? BUY ONE! They are a great investment, under $50 for a top of the line model,  and they also can make brown rice! There is NO clean up! I repeat. No cleanup=Come to mama. 

I have this one: 

Also, I am IN LOVE with this salad dressing;

You can find it at any major grocery store, even Wal-Mart. 


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I would love to know what is on your supper rotation! 


Monday, July 09, 2012


 This morning we had Griffin's baby dedication. He did so well! He was older than most children that are dedicated at our church, but we left FBC and came back this year!  After talking to our friend Shannon (she is also the children's minister), she talked me into it!

In all the chaos of this morning, I left my camera at home! Grrr. SO these pictures aren't great!

Sweet Griffin after lunch. He was so tired! 

Happy Sunday!!!

Sunday, July 08, 2012


Hey Facebook friends, please say a prayer for my sweet friend, Carrie. Carrie was my NT Big Sis at Mississippi College, and she is the most beautiful, precious girl!! She is a supermom and brilliant, too. She and her family are expecting their third child tomorrow, a sweet baby girl named Merritt. A week after she found out she was pregnant, she began to bleed from a sub-chorionic hematoma and was on bedrest for 8 weeks. It ultimately disappeared and she stopped bleeding. At 13 weeks gestational age, during a sonogram, her sweet baby girl was diagnosed with an omphalocele. Hers appears to be holding her liver, gallbladder, and small intestines at this point. The amniocentesis showed no chromosomal abnormalities and the echocardiogram showed no heart defect. A repeat echo at 28 weeks revealed a small VSD. She and her husband Matt have chosen to stay closer to home for her delivery, NICU stay, and surgeries (UMC in Jackson, Mississippi). Please pray for her tomorrow morning as she delivers this sweet baby girl. Please also pray for their other two children, Mati Claire (5) and Mattox (2). You can follow her story here: Thank you sweet friends!!!

Thursday, July 05, 2012


I find it interesting how judgmental people have become over 50 Shades of Gray books. For real? How many books or movies have you read that were not glamorous for one reason or another? For those of you who have "supposedly" not read the book but think it is nothing but trash and filth, let me fill you in: the main character, Christian Grey, is a very wealthy 27 year old billionaire (because a 27 year old billionaire is very real life! ummmm, not) that is a dominant because he is screwed up from having a crack head mom, and his mother's pimp beat him as a child and burned him with cigarette butts. She was dead for 4 days and Christian was left all alone with her body as a young 4 year old boy. Now could you imagine that being your life? Me neither. The story is about making him see that there is life after an emotional death, and that he can have a normal relationship with love and affection and children! Is there sex? Yes. Am I a 31 year old grown, happily married woman who has participated in sex? Why, yes, yes I have. And I have proof: Two children. And no, I did not run out to Hustler and buy them out in whips and chains after reading this. Was that part of the book interesting? Yes. Were the galas and parties and clothes and trips and lavish gifts more interesting? YES. When he told her (Ana) things he has never said to any other women before most interesting? YES. The love that she showed him was incredible. He had never had this even from his own mother. Seriously, I read this book for what it was: a steamy love story. Nothing more.

The last time I checked most stories and movies aren't always pretty. If they were, what would be the plot?  Some examples? Let's begin with the movie "The Town" starring Ben Affleck, the one where they kill people left over right, rob banks, etc. etc. etc, blow peoples heads off.....yes, that one! Next up,  mobster movies-should we go there? Not your genre? How about Sex and the City? If we are talking strictly over the S-E-X, than what about Pride and Prejudice? Pretty Woman? The Tudors? The Notebook? Allie and Noah have sex and they aren't married, while she is engaged to someone else? Remember that part, on the floor in an old house??? Or here is one, The Bachelor?? The Bachelorette? A guy or a girl who goes on "Fantasy Dates" with 4 different women in one night? Yes, they share a room and who knows what they do??? I seriously doubt they sit around "talking" and playing Scrabble....And a WHOLE bunch of you watch it, as in, 25 million each week, (I am not judging, but I am stating facts.) What about The Real Housewives? Or Dance Moms? Or Toddlers and Tiaras? Y'all want me to keep going??? It's all filth and most of us are guilty for included.

So why am I talking about this? It blows my mind that all of this stuff is thrown at us week after week, on TV and in movies, and even on the radio. But for some reason, these books have caused an uproar of people speaking out. Over having sex? Which most people do daily? And most of the people reading these books are 30 year old mommies. Why? I think it is fun to have a grown up fairytale! Do I expect my husband to do these things to me in real life? No, I don't. I have read all the books, loved them, and I have no plans to become a submissive anytime soon (The word submissive and my name don't even belong in the same sentence together-HA!)...I thought it was a wonderful love story! When they fall in love, it is fun and exciting and it made me reminisce about how great it was when Stephen and I first met and couldn't get enough of each other! Who doesn't love that feeling?!

But guess what? FICTIONAL BOOKS AREN'T REAL!! It is a made up story. Most people I know do not have a private jet, a personal shopper, houses all over the world, a chef, a security team, ETC. I mean, how realistic is it for a normal girl to fall in love with a vampire, become one, and then give birth to its half-vampire baby? Or getting killed in a post-apocalyptic death match for food by a Tracker Jacker? Yeah, I didn't think any of that stuff was very realistic, either. And neither is this book. It. Is. Fiction. Plain and simple.

I am a strong Christian but very real life. I am not perfect and never claimed to be. But Jesus loves me this I know! I am His child. I think it’s worth noting that just because you read the book, it doesn’t mean you are going to do unholy things with your body or with your significant other. You can read it and take the story for a grain of salt – just like any other book. When all is said and done, it’s just a book. The way people choose to react to it is, of course, up to them and will say a lot about their character. I think it is sinful to judge others for choosing to read these books! Personally, I am confident enough in my beliefs and Christianity to not be “affected” by the book the way others (who haven't even read it) claim to be.


Monday, July 02, 2012


Happy Monday!!! Don't forget to register here for my $100 giveaway to JCrew! 
I picked up this bracelet on Friday. I had oogled and oogled and Stephen finally said, "Go get it!" YIPPEE. 
You can buy it here:
Majorly loving these JCrew bubble necklaces.
They are such a statement piece! You can check them out here:

 I want the hot pink one, too. I might have to sell Griffin, though. 

And how cute is this watch from TARGET? Yes, you heard that correctly! $12.99. They have so many cute colors! 
I am also obsessed with these hair ties. Very popular right now! Should I give some away? I think I should! 
I am also crushing on all the Trina Turk pieces from Banana Republic right now.
I broke down and bought these cute shorts Friday.
You can check it all out here 
This color is gorgeous. Looks great with a tan. 

I am in love with these
Michael Kors Palm Beach Espadrilles. 
They go with practically everything! 
These are on my birthday wish list.
 Hint, Hint Mama :) 

I am also majorly loving this OPI Mermaid's Tears. 
I have had it on all summer. Very unlike me! 
I am usually a coral or neutral girl, but 
I am coloring outside the lines! Ha. 

What are you loving? 
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