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Sunday, July 08, 2012


Hey Facebook friends, please say a prayer for my sweet friend, Carrie. Carrie was my NT Big Sis at Mississippi College, and she is the most beautiful, precious girl!! She is a supermom and brilliant, too. She and her family are expecting their third child tomorrow, a sweet baby girl named Merritt. A week after she found out she was pregnant, she began to bleed from a sub-chorionic hematoma and was on bedrest for 8 weeks. It ultimately disappeared and she stopped bleeding. At 13 weeks gestational age, during a sonogram, her sweet baby girl was diagnosed with an omphalocele. Hers appears to be holding her liver, gallbladder, and small intestines at this point. The amniocentesis showed no chromosomal abnormalities and the echocardiogram showed no heart defect. A repeat echo at 28 weeks revealed a small VSD. She and her husband Matt have chosen to stay closer to home for her delivery, NICU stay, and surgeries (UMC in Jackson, Mississippi). Please pray for her tomorrow morning as she delivers this sweet baby girl. Please also pray for their other two children, Mati Claire (5) and Mattox (2). You can follow her story here: Thank you sweet friends!!!

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