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Monday, April 30, 2012

Atlanta Market!

We left bright and early this A.M. for market in Atlanta. My sweet mother-in-law is babysitting and letting me spend one night away! Thank you!!!!!

I am having so much fun and so overwhelmed! There are literally buildings of stuff!!!!!! It is 70% off what you pay retail. Furniture, jewelry, clothes, etc. Here are some pics:

The first pic is all the friends
The second is of Griff at 5:30 this am and his cowlicks! Ha!
All the fun buys!
Be back soon!
Miss you all!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012



J O Y!!!

WOW!! Looks like a fabulous birthday party!! I always see amazing parties for girls, but I love that little boys can have spectacular parties, too!!




Monday, April 09, 2012


I don't know about y'all, but we had a busy weekend! Paisley was out of school last week for Spring Break and we had a great staycation right here in Nashville. We had a great time playing around town. Then on Friday, we went to an Easter themed birthday party for Paisley's sweet friend, Maillie. Maillie's party was held at her grandmother and pop's house (her grandmother's name is YaYa-I love that name) in Franklin. They have the coolest house with a huge yard and deck, and the weather was perfect.

Maillie's mama is my good friend Lacey and she is one of the most talented people I have ever known! She is a great decorator, artist, calligrapher, and I could go on and on and on! She can throw the cutest stuff together!

How cute is this big basket full of Peeps-On-A-Stick?

I also just loved these Goldfish Carrots (crackers in icing bags tied with green ribbon.)

Here is another picture of the basket. I mean, how cute is this? The kids were BIG fans!!

I love this picture of the birthday girl. She is so stinking cute.

She also had a mouth full of peeps in this picture. They all ate enough candy to go into a diabetic coma. Hey, it's Easter weekend. I just went with it! Ha.

Barbie was also on hand and she was painting faces. The kids just loved this!

Lacey and Maillie's little sister, Gwynnie.

Here is one of Paisley and her good friend Camelia. She just loves her!

Ice Cream Cake time!!

After face painting and eating, they had a dance party with Barbie! Paisley thought this was the greatest thing EVER!

Hudson and his superhero mask...He is so into superheros. I love how boyish he is. Precious.

I love now that the older kids are starting to babysit!

Wyatt eating his marshmallows....

My sweet friend and famous artist, Deann Hebert. She is a HUGE artist. Look her up! Ha.

Griffin always likes to kiss the princesses. He's such a ladies man. They better leave him alone. I am his only girl! It was a great birthday party and thanks for letting us share your day, Maillie. We love you!

After the party on Friday night, Stephen and I cooked a pizza from Whole Foods that was delicious and watched Shark Tank. I love that show and sometimes I just love sitting on the couch with my husband and laughing and talking. He's usually asleep within 10 minutes, but I will take those 10. Ha.

On Saturday, a sweet family from our church hosted a huge Easter Egg Hunt at their house. It was absolutely perfect weather and the kids had a wonderful time. There were 38 kids and a total of 73 people! We all brought a covered appetizer 10 filled eggs per family and the Clay's provided drinks and paper goods. The older kids hid the eggs and they really liked getting to help.

Here is Paisley in her Matilda Jane Serendipity ready to hunt eggs!

She is at the perfect age to understand what is going on!

My sweet Muffin. How cute is he in his madras shorts and his Toms? I could eat him up.

This bigger Muffin is cute, too!

Paisley and her friend Lance. You all might remember Lance from the cicada video?

On Saturday after the egg hunt, we went to Phillip's Toy Mart in Belle Meade to see the bunny rabbits. They bring in 50 rabbits and they have the cutest little trail and house for them. They are so cute.

After that, I ran home and dropped the kids and Stephen off and went to go get my nails done and before my nails, I ran into Starbucks and guess who held the door open for me? Keith. Urban. And his FINE self. I about died!!!

After I received oxygen (kidding), we went to Pie In The Sky for family pizza night.

Then the Easter Bunny came!!!
My kids got one piece of candy only. I would rather buy toys than sweets.

They were mesmerized!!

Paisley was so pumped over a $5.00 watch. Its the little things!

After church, we attempted pictures. What a disaster this was! See below:

After pictures, we had a delicious lunch from Bucca De Beppo.

And Carrot Cake for dessert.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter!