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Friday, September 07, 2012


"Barack knows the American Dream because he's lived it, and he wants everyone in this country to have that same opportunity, no matter who we are, or where we're from, or what we look like, or who we love," Michelle Obama said. Let me tell you this Michelle Obama. You looked fabulous. Yes you did. But I want everyone to have the "American Dream" too, Michelle. 

The dream where you work hard and make money, and we don't have OVER HALF our salary STOLEN from us and given to the government so they can determine how it should be re-distributed. I want The American Dream where the government helps you get back on your feet for a short while, not one that enables you to not work and sit at home.The American dream that you need to be LEGAL and pay taxes just like me and my husband do. Since you use roads and the library and the schools and the ER and ETC. You know, considering me and my husband paid in over $50,000 in income taxes last year. 

Especially when I see my husband leave at 5am in the morning and get home at 9pm at night. Guess what? HE IS THE AMERICAN DREAM, Michelle. Not the people that are on disability and getting checks and sitting in their double wides. WE ARE ENABLERS!!! Including some of my own family members! They are being ENABLED!!! This would FREE up money to spend on people Iike our teachers and police and firemen who SHOULD be paid more since they are teaching and helping our communities and trying to make our country a better place to live!!! And don't you DARE call me a stingy "Republican". You have NO IDEA HOW I GIVE MY MONEY, or who I support and help out. and 

PS-to all you that hate political rants, please go ahead and delete me and you can add me back mid-November. I am doing everything I can to support CHANGE. His name is Mitt Romney. He isn't my first choice, but the man knows how to MAKE AND SAVE MONEY! Two things that are needed currently. I. AM. DONE. 

PS-I feel like Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation, 
"Hallelujah, holy #$^!. Where's the Tylenol?"

*I felt like y'all might want my take on the DNC this week! HAHA. I was pretty fired up Tuesday night on Facebook! 


Wednesday, September 05, 2012


We had a FABULOUS Sunday School Bunco Social a few weeks ago at our house. We feel very blessed to be apart of a wonderful church and Sunday School class. If you aren't in church, find a place you can call home. Church friends are like NO other! 

Anyways, how cute are these Cake Pops? Of course they are dice! My good friend Julie at Party Pops by Julie made them. They taste as good as they look! 

Buffet Setup with all the desserts. Yummy-licious! 

We had a scrumptious supper that included Stouffer's Lasagna, Breadsticks, Salad, Fruit, and Veggies. 

Bunco is a game of rolling dice and if you roll three of a kind you hit BUNCO. 
It is super easy and so much fun! 

We have a sweet group of mamas and it is so fun to come together and discuss the aches and pains of parenthood. HA! 

 "The LOSER'S table"....HA! 

The Winning Table. 
 Meredith Rolling Her Dice! 
 So much fun! 


Tuesday, September 04, 2012


How did this little angel grow so fast....

I blinked my eyes and now she is 5 years old. Yes, I needed a Xanax last night.  I cried and cried and cried!!! I am not gonna lie I am not ready for my babies to grow up. I boohooed like a baby. And then ate an ENTIRE bag of Candy Corn M&Ms. I eat when I am nervous. And happy. And sad. Thats neither here nor there. My parents came this weekend for a visit and left last night. That also didn't help matters. I also think I have seasonal depression a little. I hate the changing of seasons. 
Anyone else that way? 

                                    Let me tell you a little about Paisley:
She is 5. A typical 5 year old little girl. She loves me the most (I am partial, I know) and she also loves her Gigi and Grammy. She is a SWEET SWEET child. She will give you everything she has. Seriously. She is the most giving 5 year old I have ever seen. Nearly too giving. She would give every toy she has away along with all of her food. She wants everything to be fair and even. She is a major peacemaker. Griffin will bite her and she will say, "Don't bite him back, he is just a baby!" Hilarious.

She is majorly into Barbies. And stuffed animals. She still loves candy, the dentist, the doctor, homeless people, anyone with a disability or in need, anyone who looks like a child molester, or any man. Lovely I know. She loves to be at home, in her PJs, watching TV and eating candy and playing Barbies. My kinda girl! Ha. Just like her mama. We can easily shop all day together!

She weighs 36 pounds.She wears a 4T in most things. She is in a size 9 or 10 shoe. She is tiny. She lives off of Orange Juice, Ruffles Chips, PB&J, and strawberries. And candy. She loves mermaids, swimming, dancing, gymnastics, and singing. She is a major girly-girl! She wants to be a rock star when she grows up (wonderful. Sigh)....

Finally, She L-O-V-E-S Christian! He is her best friend and boyfriend (in an innocent way). How cute is Christian? I love him, too.

Paisley and Mrs. Joanne, her teacher. 

My sweet precious Paisley Jane. I love her more than life itself! 
I hope 

Happy Monday!