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Thursday, September 29, 2011


We took a mini vacation this weekend to Atlanta. Stephen had a meeting there last week, so we drove down and met him. It was fun to take the first road trip in my new ride and also see Atlanta. I usually just flew into Atlanta for work and flew home, so this was much more enjoyable. I am all about residential areas. I LOVED Ansley Park! As in, LOVED. You are so close to downtown, but then there are these huge parks right in the middle of the neighborhood. And absolutely gorgeous old homes that have been restored.

We stayed at the CNN Omni Atlanta. I would not recommend. Way too busy for me! Ha. There was a football game going on next door and approximately 40,000 fans were at our hotel (college students) and they were loud, rowdy, and smoking off the interior balcony and managed to set the fire alarm off by lighting a coat on fire. So we had to evacuate down 11 flights of stairs at 11pm. Mama was NOT happy. Needless to say our room was comped thanks to my complaining. My vote was for the W and that is where we will stay next time. Ha.

The best part of our trip was the food! We ate lunch at Legals Seafood. Fantastic. Great service, drinks, and crab cakes that were out of this world!! We also shared a piece of pumpkin bread pudding. Ridiculously good! (Maybe I will search a recipe on pinterest)

After lunch, we hit the Georgia Aquarium.

It was unbelievable! The Beluga Whale exhibit is out of this world and it should be for what we paid to see it! It costs $100.00 for 2 adults and a child. I also loved the close ups of the seahorses, the jellyfish, and the videos showing how they UPSed 2 whales to the exhibit. They reconstructed two planes to get them here. It was fascinating!

The bad parts of the aquarium were the amount of people who are touring (I would NEVER EVER go on a Saturday/Sunday again) and the fact that they don't limit the amount of time they let people stay in one area. They should prod them through (kidding) or something! People would stand at the glass and take pictures for 20 minutes. Who wants to see that crap? Your family does not want to watch a slide show of your vacation. And PS-They can google an image of a whale shark. The aquarium is also the largest in the world for water mass, so just keep that into consideration when you go. It's not the size of Rhode Island because that's what I was expecting!

My favorite parts of one of the exhibit was this IMAX screen window that was an underwater aquarium. It was like being in a submarine. We sat right at the glass on the floor and sharks are inches away from your face. Paisley poufy heart loved it...
The jellyfish exhibit was amazing!

I love love love lion fish. I want a saltwater aquarium for this fish alone!

Due to the power of my persuasion, Paisley got a stuffed dolphin and saved me a trip to the American Girl store (she also has a bamboletta, so that is her AG doll)...
On Sunday morning, we woke up and went to eat brunch at Murphy's. Probably the best brunch I have ever eaten. I had this chicken and tortilla dish covered in avocado, sour cream, and cheese. SO healthy....:) :) :) It was slap yo mama good!

I wanted to hit H&M before we went home (since Nashville stinks and does NOT have an H&M. Makes me mad just thinking about it!!) and it didn't open until 12pm, so we hit a local park in Ansley. Look how beautiful!!

Paisley had a good time monkeying around. She is getting so big. Makes me sad.
I cannot believe she will be 5 next year. I will need a Xanax the day Kindergarden starts.
This is my favorite age right now. Can I keep her 4 forever? Wahhhh.
She tells me I love you mommy 100 times a day.
My life (missing the other sweet Muffin, he stayed home with Grammy and Pappy)...

We had a great trip. Next up? Going home to Mississippi for 2 weeks! YAY!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fun Fall Looks from ME via Polyvore!

Fun Fall Looks!

TopShop flower dress
$100 -

Black shift dress
£20 -

Print dress
£9 -

Oasis sheer long sleeve shirt
$50 -

Dorothy Perkins cami tank top
£5 -

Oasis quilted leather jacket
$280 -

Seven for all mankind jeans
£140 -

Sambag low heels
180 AUD -

Oasis wedge shoes
$45 -

Stiletto heels
$50 -

Nine west shoes
£65 -

Louis Vuitton monogrammed bag
$1,360 -

Hermes bag

Big Buddha fringe handbag
$110 -

Louis vuitton shoulder bag
$1,490 -

Stone jewelry
$50 -

Amrita singh jewelry
$100 -

Patricia von Musulin coral necklace
$10,000 -

Flower jewelry
$93 -

Givenchy chain necklace
$225 -

House of Harlow 1960 turquoise drop earrings
$100 -

Cluster necklace
$48 -

Betsey Johnson metal necklace
$55 -

I am T-totally addicted to Polyvore also!!!
Check out the set I made!!


I am so insanely addicted to pinterest that it isn't even funny!!! This thing is about 100,000 times worse than Facebook.

I mean, here is an example: A tutorial on how to glitter pumpkins! Oh.M.Gee.

And Chicken Tacos with mango cilantro!

And Crockpot BBQ Chicken! If you need an invite, leave me a comment! It is so stinking fun I can't handle it! And please follow me!

Aside from Pinterest, how cute is this beaded prepster necklace from Juicy Couture? LOVE.
I also love this palette from Sephora. They come in packages according to eye color. Such a great idea!!!
I also love this nude gloss as well. Perfect to wear with heavy eye make-up!

I also picked up this necklace from JC Penneys this week, for $13.99. SO adorable!!
Butterfinger Pie!
3 ingredients: CreamCheese, 8 butterfingers crushed, and 1 carton of Cool Whip poured in a graham cracker crust. How easy!!!
I also LOVE Revlon's Lustre Glosses. They are my favorites! I love their nude, also!

Boots of all kinds. LOVE them!!

Candy Corn M&M's. SO addicting. But I love white chocolate!!

What are you loving?

PS-Leave me a comment to qualify for a $15 gift card to Tarjay!!!
(I know, I know, it's not as much as usual. But Mommy is on a BUDGET! :) )