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Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Yesterday we celebrated the 3rd birthday of sweet Grace Hamilton! She was the prettiest princess of them all! Her mama, Amy, teaches at Belmont University and lots of Amy's college students made sure she had a fantastic party! The historic Belmont Mansion was the backdrop!

There was face painting, crown making, cupcakes, marshmallow wands, mini sliders, chips, and pink princess punch! My good friend Kim Simpson made the cutest teapot cake ( .

One of the coolest parts of the party was that Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman, and their daughter, Sunday Rose, came and partied, too! Sunday Rose and Grace were in music class together last year, and they have been so sweet to call and check on Grace throughout this entire treatment period. Don't you wanna hate them? Sorry. They are the sweetest, nicest, most down-to-earth people in the world. And he's not bad looking, either. ha. The photo above is of Keith playing the piano.

Nicole and Sunday Rose having her face painted. (PS-I am not one to get in people's faces and pretend that I am the paparazzi. I feel like they live here because we leave them alone and don't do those sorts of things. We try and treat them as normal as we can. So I am sorry the pics aren't clearer and closer :) )
All the princesses were students at Belmont. The tooth fairy even came!
Paisley making a grown with Aerial and Cinderella.
Eleanor, Anne Laura's daughter. She is a sweet baby! Love her so much!
Paisley was super excited about the whole event. She and Grace had a great time!
Me and Amy.
Love you all!

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