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Thursday, September 15, 2011


I am so super duper duper excited about Nordstrom's opening in Nashville!! Seriously, we have waited so freaking long for this. YAY. YAY. Double triple YAY!

My BFF Amy has had one heck of a year, so in honor of her birthday, me and the girls decided this would be a GREAT birthday present. SO we all loaded up in the mini swagger and headed to abbott martin for some food, drinks, and shopping!
The coolest "foodie" part of the event were these INSANE cakes that were made to look like Chanel purses, bags, and dresses. They were so beautiful and also delicious.

The store is absolutely beautiful! It is 3 stories, with the top floor being devoted to a high end clothing house, ready to wear, and also lingerie. The second and main floor is the AH-MAZ-ZING (yes, I used to Z's. It needs it) shoe department, A fantastic handbag department, The Chanel boutique, fine jewelry, women's dresses and evening gowns, and cosmetics. The third and bottom floor is men's wear and children's. The children's department is unreal. I bought Paisley the cutest pair of Minnetonka boots and a sequined hat that is to die for!!
The party was off the chain. Nordstrom's sold 2,000 tickets at $100 a piece, all going to charity for YWCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, and Cheekwood (Hysterical. Like Cheekwood needs anymore money.) Anyway, it was a fantastic party and the food, music, DJS, and interactive models made for a great night!!
Beautiful models that were interactive. SO cool!
And these are also some beautiful models....Amy HH and Caroline.
I hope you all have a chance to check it out!!!


Misty said...

So very excited for Nashville to have a Nordstrom! It makes me miss Nashville even more.... I would have died to be at the gala.

Erin said...

I can't wait to hit up Nordstrom!! BTW, I'm following you on pinterest and love love love your pins! :)