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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Days of the WEEK....

I am thinking of trying out some "days of the week" on Goodtimegirls! 

Monday-A funny
Tuesday-Weekly Recipes
Wednesday-What I am LOVING! 
Thursday-Guest Blogger. Who would you like to hear from? 
Friday-Birthday Party! 
Saturday/Sunday-Recaps from the week! 

What do you girls think? Anything you would rather see? Thoughts? Opinions ?


We had such a wonderful family vacation last week in Orange Beach, Alabama. Being a Mississippi girl, my family (mama and daddy and older sister, Rana) has always vacationed in Orange Beach. Most Nashville people go to SanDestin or Seaside, but we really like it here, too. 

We have stayed at so many places in Orange Beach (I think my favorite is Seachase), but this condo was perfect for us, because we had 5 kids in tow. My sister and her husband have 3 children, so together we had a 10,8,5,4 and 2 year old! Whew! It was a busy week no doubt! But we all had a great  time! The water was incredibly rough due to Hurricane Debbie, but it was sunny and cool everyday. 

Inside our condo. It was 2800 square feet, which was super nice! 
Lots of seating and beds! Sorry these pics are so fuzzy, I found them on Google. 
Paisley was so excited to see her cousins, especially Joe. She ADORES him!! 
Paisley and Isabella are big buddies, being that they are 11 months apart! 
Griffin wasn't real sure about the sand. Ha. He had a love/hate relationship going on! 

Miss Priss in her flamingo suit! You can find it here. She was definitely feeling sassy that day!!

My daddy and Griffin on Father's Day. I have the best daddy...Here is the evidence!!!

Me and my sweet baby at The Hangout. She got her haircut right before our trip. She looks so big here! She is growing up and it makes me want to cry buckets and buckets of tears. 

If you ever visit Gulf Shores/Perdido Key/Orange Beach, you definitely have to visit The Hangout, especially if you have kids with you of any ages!!! 

They have a family foam party every night and the kids just love it! 

 Me and my sweet girl! 
My handsome date!

 Me and my Muffin! His hair is getting so blonde being summertime! 

She wasn't real into pics this day!!! (Her bathing suit is from Baby Gap and is no longer available.)
Sweet Isabella rocking another Kate Mack swimsuit!

Paisley thought it was awesome that they named a store after her!!!  

Having fun at Jimmy and Lucy Buffet's place, Lulu's.

My sweet Paisley!

 My precious daddy!!! 
 Gigi, my mama, and Paisley and my nephew Joe, who is 10. 
 Me and Muffin swimming!

 We went to eat supper one night at Calypso Joe's..a great place for dinner! You should definitely try it! They have crab races before and Paisley's won! She got a frozen Shirley Temple!
 My sister Rana's children....they are so sweet! Joe, Anna Blaire, and Izzy!
              Dancing on the tables at The Hangout! 

 Napping on the beach! 
 My babies hamming it up for the camera!! 

 Paisley and Izzy! 
 Beautiful Anna Blaire! 

 My sister and Isabella. They are CLONES! Scary how much these two look alike! 

No beach trip is complete without a hermit crab. Paisley named hers Glitter Rose. She LOVES it. Griffin keeps screaming "I eat him! I eat him!" Not good. Ha.

 I hope you enjoyed our beach pictures!!! Love you all! XOXO KJ


I have missed you all so! I have been busy leading Vacation Bible School, then a beach trip with my family, and basically trying to keep my kids alive and hauling them  to various practices and camps. Sound familiar? In honor of my return and my new obsession with this blog called Pink Peonies (you can check it out here), I am giving away a little HAPPY....

$100 to JCREW. Yes, you read that correctly! All you need to do is be a follower of my blog and leave a comment. What is your favorite thing in JCREW right now???? I will draw on my birthday, July 19th!!!


Saturday, June 16, 2012


Mother's Day was pretty low key this year! Since I went to market and blew my life savings (I kid, kinda), I told Stephen not to buy me anything. I did send him in Michael's after some transfer tape (see next picture) for vinyl so I could work on some Cricut projects and he came back with this awesome pink label maker. 

We also started our day off at Waffle House. My kids love that place so much. We usually go every week as a special "behavior" treat. Yes, I bribe my kids with whatever I think will work. Sue me. 

Me and my sweet Paisley. She is such a sweet child. I could just squeeze her to death.

I have missed you all! I will be back in FULL swing this week!!!

Friday, June 01, 2012


My goal (before I go to bed) tonight is to catch up on some blogging! I have missed kids are making it impossible these days with no school! HA! XOXO-KJ