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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I  ran The Color Run on Sunday and it was SO fun and....colorful! 

 Here is our start out in white above the waist, and at different stations throughout the race, they paint with you with powder....Pretty fun and silly!

                          All my girls!!!! Waiting for the potty! 
It was a beautiful day to run with about 15,000 people!

Here we are POST Race! We look a little different, huh? 

We are ready for a time travel to the 80's! HA! What a fun day, girls! Love you all!

Monday, October 22, 2012


We had a great time a few weeks ago in Mississippi...We always go home during fall for the Canton Flea Market and for the Mississippi State Fair. And also to eat...because that is what us Mississippians do best.  Eat and Socialize. Yes, that about sums it up! :)

We started off on Saturday night at my parents house watching Ole Miss lose to A&M. Awful (being an true Ole Miss fan, you pretty much go into every game expecting to lose. If you win, that is gravy...HA HA)... Then we ate my mama's famous spaghetti and watched Scooby Do Reruns. I love my parents house so much! It is so comfortable and beautiful!

Paisley, 5, at the pumpkin patch..

 Mitchell Farms is located in Collins, MS off of Highway 49. It is worth the drive to see the sunflowers. Absolutely breathtaking! 

Paisley and Isabella

Joe, Paisley, Isabella, Griffin, and Anna Blaire

We also fell in love with the pumpkin carriage. These princesses thought it was TOO COOL!

Sweet Izzy, my sister's clone! 

Joe and Anna Blaire. These two LOVE each other! 

My sister and Griffin going down the big slide! 

My sweet pumpkin! She is growing up and it makes me sad! 

And of course, my Muffin! VERY hard to get a great pic of him! He is a constant state of moving and/or destruction! 

Beautiful sunflowers. 

BFF Cousins! I hope these two are roomies at Ole Miss together someday! 
They spent every waking minute together! 

Love, love, love each other!!! 

We also stopped at this place on our way to Mitchell Farms. They have the best boiled peanuts on earth!

At the top of my Christmas list this year is a bottle tree. I love these things so much! 

I dug the political signs...

And the pumpkin patch! 
On Wednesday, we went to eat lunch at Hamils. This place is a staple meat and three in Mississippi. It was featured on Guy Fieri's Diners and Drive-Ins. Paisley enjoyed eating a cinnamon roll as big as her head!

These three loved clowning around together! 

My mama's sister, Aunt Susan, also known as Nano, came over for a visit. The girls loved this!

On Thursday, we went to the Canton Flea Market. It is the coolest flea market in the South. Thousands of vendors are there with all of the coolest things. 
I got the CUTEST necklace from this place called Pink Herron. Pink Herron is owned by a girl named Mamie Heron. Her necklaces are so unique! She hand makes all the charms and the neatest part? The back is a necklace, so you can switch it to a bracelet. You will have to check her out at Christmas Village in Nashville. I will actually be working with her that day!  We will be in Building 4. Y'all come see us! PINK HERRON. DON'T FORGET!!! :)

Afterwards, we went and visited my college roommate, Robyn and got to visit with her sweet family. This is her sweet daughter, Ellyn! 

Griffin was a BIG fan of the plasma car. We might need one of these, Santa! 
And lastly, we went to the Mississippi State Fair on Sunday. We had SOOOOO much fun and the weather was perfect! Our Motley Crue right here!! Ha. 
Gigi stealing some kisses!

I have SO much to post and catch up on! I hope you are all having a fabulous fall! This is my FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR!  XOXO KJ