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Tuesday, May 03, 2011


20 Random Things:
1) I hate surprises. I'm way too much of a control freak.
2) Stephen purchased my engagement ring while I was standing with him at the jewelry store. We went into look and he said, "SOLD!" I was like, "seriously?" Not romantic. But an ugly diamond would have been a tragedy.
3) I'm currently reading some of the classics. The Great Gatsby was a big book for the 10th grade. My brain hurts when I read it!
4) I really want to learn to make sushi. I'm dying to take a class.
5) I love to people watch. The biggest question I want to ask people is why in the WORLD they got x tattooed where they did? I'm sure there is a great story behind the ink. The best tattoo story ever is from a friend of mine (who is also a drug rep) and she was in a small town working and a patient comes in with a tattoo of Jesus and it was below her belly button. Jesus' beard was her pubic hair...Could.You.Imagine?
6)I am constantly rearranging furniture. My husband never notices. But I can move a vase, and Paisley notices. I love her!
7) The older I get, the more I like honesty. I'm too old for bull.
8) I'm also starting to prefer being at home over going out. I absolutely love sitting on our deck, looking at the Tennessee hills, grilling out, and playing with my babies.
9) I absolutely love baby wipes. How did I ever make it before them? I keep them in every car, purse, drawer, etc.
10) If I was skinny, I would make a yellow cake and cover it with cream cheese icing, and look at it.
11) Wrong! Ha! I would eat it with both hands.
12) And cover it with Bluebell homeade vanilla ice cream to be exact.
13) I love mouthwash.
14) The first thing I do when I get home is put on sweat pants and an old t-shirt. I'm no soap opera star; no sitting around in evening gowns for me.
15) I love TV Land. And Lifetime. How great were old sitcoms? Golden Girls, Frazier, The Jeffersons, etc. If I watch TV, most of the time, it is on these two channels.
16) I'm also loving The Voice. How cute are Blake Shelton and Adam Levine?
17) I also think Jimmy Fallon is hilarious.
18) Im the most hot natured person on Earth. My daddy keeps it on 68-70 at our house growing up. I love it.
19) I want to learn how to make gumbo. From scratch.
20) I'm addicted to my sleep machine!


Joy said...

I love #14 — I laughed out loud when I read the evening gown part!

jenny winstead said...

we keep it 67 here. you would love it!
and what is a sleep machine? :)

sabrina faye said...

I love reading your blog and reading about your precious family! We have a mutual friend, Audra Stratton Henley. I was hoping you would have been at her wedding, so I could meet you in person! Ha! Anyways, you're adorable and so are your kiddie!!

Laura said...

We keep it at 66 at parents say we live in a meat locker. Ha! I love the voice too!!

Ariel said...

Come to Portland. I'll teach you how to make sushi. (That's the best way to learn. With a friend to teach you while you eat the equivalent of a roll just off the rice stuck to your fingers... but when I went to Nashville... I noticed there weren't much of an Asian population there... Tough...)

tammie said...

we are WAY TOO MUCH alike!!! so much of your list is me!!!