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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Sorry I have been MIA for the past week. We have been vactioning in the Grand Caymans. I would love to tell you all that it was terrible and rained everyday. But it didn't. HA. It was awesome! And the most awesome part of the whole trip? NO KIDS!


All of you with children know how nice it is to go anywhere without your children and just spend time with your have 5 days was insane. I had such a nice time reconnecting with Stephen....

We flew into Ft Lauderdale (free Southwest flights) and took a cab to Miami and stayed at The Intercontinental. They had no single rooms, so they upgraded us to the Penthouse! Woohoo! We were on the 32nd floor and the views were breathtaking!! After waking up and meeting our friend Tim for breakfast, we flew a quick 90 minutes to the Grand Caymans via Cayman Airways. Loved that airliine...they were so nice!

We quickly went through customs, and then had a car take us to the Marriott on 7 Mile Beach in George Town.

This is not a postcard...I actually took this! Gorgeous!
We spent our days doing alot of this...drinking rum punch....

And alot of this: Eating! This is Jamaican Jerk Pizza at Periwinkle inside The Ritz Carlton. Delicious!

We also ate dinner at Grand Cayman Suites. It was so delicious!

Can you find the iguana??

He would make a great bag! I kid...I kid...

We also did lots of snorkeling! This is the most unbelievable snorkeling in the Carribbean.

We went to Eden Rock and saw some great fish!

And also great shopping at Camana Bay...

We loved this restaurant! in Georgetown. It was absolutely delicious!

Dinner at The Lobster far Stephen's favorite dinner!

I highly recommend the Red Sail Sports Stingray and Snorkel Tour!

We had a marvelous time swimming with the stinrays and snorkeling...It was also a fabulous boat ride!

How gorgeous is that water???? The picture is untouched!

Stephen went pretty far in the water and he loved every minute of it!

SO in conclusion, check out The Grand Caymans! Greatest trip. EVER!



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