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Sunday, May 15, 2011


That is the question!!

-First, you girls (and guys, too) know that beach bags are my fav!! There are SOOO many to choose from! I found a really cute one at Tarjay not too long ago that is straw that I adore!

This one below is pricey from JCrew...The Mermaid tote for $198...

This is also a pricey one...The Anya Hindmarch Beach Bag (around $250)...Is this not to die for?


I did a post a few weeks back about swimwear, so I will just hit cover ups.

I am a big fan of the tunic right now. Or any cute sleeveless dress that is easy to shimmy off.

I try to somewhat match on the beach. If I have on a solid swimsuit then I do a colorful cover-up.

Here is my favorite gossip girl Serena (Blake Lively) sporting a very cute one and straw bag!


Just because you are going to the beach doesn't mean you should look like a slob. A 5 minute get ready and you will look fantastic!

I am a big fan of the ponytail or a bun at the beach or pool.. It is just too hot to sport a full lion's mane.

The other thing I am a big fan of is SUNSCREEN!!

-I love Obagi (around $30. Can find on Amazon,, and any Dermatologists office)

-I also love Blue Lizard. You can buy this on Amazon, from most Dermatologists office, and also CVS Pharmacy will custom order for you.

-I am also a fan of this John Frieda Beach Waves, You just spray it in wet hair, put it in a bun, and your hair smells like coconut!! Love it...Bobbi Brown also makes a similar one...

I also love this pink hard water proof case for your Ipad. Isn't this cute? There are tons online! Just look!

I also love to read off my Ipad. It is so nice to not carry books! Currently, I am reading True Whit by Whitney Port, The Red Tent, and also the autobiography by Steven Tyler. Along with about 30 magazines. No need hauling anything but an Ipad! SO NICE :)


An Ipod is a great beach essential. I highly recommend Skullcandy headphones. They are so comfy. If you are looking to invest, try the Bose noise reducing ones. They are pricey, but if you travel lots (like my husband), then it is worth the investment. If you are playing music, try the Sony portable speakers(around $30.00). I even use these when I am jogging with the stroller. That way, I can still hear the kids and we can all listen to music!

2011 Beach Playlist:

Jason Aldean

Adele: Rolling In The Deep and the entire album

Jack Johnson

Dave Matthews Band

Jimmy Buffett (I mean, duh.)

The Cranberries

Florence + The Machines Dog Days Are Over

The Black Keys
Mumford and Sons



Pirates Booty Aged White Cheddar Popcorn

Planters Nut Mix (South Beach Style)

Peanut Butter (The Bees Knees-Peanut Butter & Co)


Mozzarella and Tomatoes

And that my friends, should do it! Did you bring the sink??




Sundresses and Smiles said...

Great playlist!! I carry a HUGE Scout bag (The Deano) to the pool in the summers, because I can fit all of the kids I nanny and my stuff! I'm a big fan of tunics as cover-ups as well, but they can get SO hot, so a lot of times I'll just throw on a loose dress instead!

Leslie said...

I just bought Chad the waterproof ipad case for his birthday (I had no idea these existed!). He loves to take the iPad to the pool, but with Charlotte in tow nothing is safe from pool water or drool.