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Monday, May 23, 2011



I (Paisley) adopted a sweet baby Bambo!!!!

This is Rosalie, also known as Rosy, and she is heading to Tennessee! WOO HOO!!

SO after needing oxygen on Thursday from winning this doll off of E-bay,
Stephen left me with the kids for the weekend. He needed to go work a sleep show meeting.
So being the cool mom I am, we ordered Chinese Food (Brentwood has the best place. China Wok, and they deliver!!) and watched Bee Movie. Then we hauled the bounce house inside. To the den., Yes, you read that correctly. Paisley thought it was fabulous! Griffin bounced until his eyes were rolling in the back of his head!

Look at that sweet muffin.....He is being a little monster right now!! Teething, biting, trying to walk and he is VERY wobbly, and also he is just frustrated in general. He doesn't understand why he can't bite people, pull hair, and why he gets his arm spanked every time he tries to rip the blinds. His little feelings are always hurt when he's told no. It's pretty cute.

Paisley is being much sweeter to him. I love that sweet baby girl. She had a very good teacher conference and we were told she is excelling in school and socializing. The teacher told me that she has a very hard time sitting still during reading circle. She wants to finish the story and make up her own ending! I was trying not to laugh out loud. At least she is creative!

Saturday morning, I took the kids to Franklin and we did the Fiddlin' Fish 5K. It was so much fun! I cannot believe I finished a 5K in 40 minutes with two kids pushing a jogging stroller. Go me, go me!!

Afterwards, we went to a birthday party for Paisley's BFF Sarh Carson at Shady Acres down in Arrington. It was AWESOME! They had a beautiful area for riding ponies, and had two cute pigs and donkeys. Paisley and Griffin loved it!!

Changing gears, sweet Grace had to be admitted to Vanderbilt this week for running fever and having the shakes. She went home Monday afternoon, so thank goodness it was a short stay. She is such a sweet little angel. Amy and Forest are staying strong for the most part. They definitely have their moments, like everyone would. I am so proud of all of them for being so brave.

Saturday night, we went up to visit and I became very emotional. Very unlike me. I usually can hold it together until I get to the car. But not Saturday. I cried like a baby. It was so hard to see her back in the hospital. It is like reliving 10 weeks ago all over again. Amy said the same thing. Kids are not supposed to be sick. They need to be outside and playing! Grace handles all of this so well!! She was so excited to see "Plaisley" as she calls her. They air kissed through the isolation doors. Please keep this family in your prayers. They are feeling them, everyday! You can follow them on You can also find a Facebook page called Angels 4 Grace.

I loved that her daddy, Forest, shaved his head, too. Precious!

Afterwards, we went to Ted's Montana Grill. I love this place. They a great bison burger and fries. It was so delicious!!! Definitely try it out if you are downtown!

Sunday we went to the park and took the babies and had such a nice time. We hardly ever skip church, but we needed some family time. It was lovely.

Griffin was super fussy and sick on Sunday, so we came home and took it easy. It was nice to relax.

Yesterday, Stephen and I went and picked up our bikes from Cumberland Transit. I love this store. It is downtown on West End. If you ever buy a bike, go here. They have so many to choose from! I picked out the Felt Cafe 3....There wasn't a pink option or I would have bought it :)

Afterwards, we went to Satco on 21st and had some Tacos and afterwards, Paisley finished it off with a strawberry cone from Ben and Jerry's. What a fun weekend!!

What have you all been up to?




Heather H said...

Your Bamboletta is AMAZING! And major props for Cool Mom Weekend. Looks like you guys had a blast1 Hope Grace is having a better day today.

Sassy said...

Praying for your sweet friend, Grace! We know Madelyn Gregg and had lots of friends that ran for Team Dolly in the 5K!!! Way to go!

Kim said...

Love your bike!