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Thursday, June 02, 2011


What a fun weekend. I always love going home but this weekend was super fun. My parents house is about 90% finished and furnished and it is lovely! They have yet to finish the game room and my mom's office, but other than that, it looks really good. Actually, it looks magnificent. So happy for them! They have worked hard.

We spent the majority of our time on the lake and fishing. I love the fact that they live on the lake. The water is so peaceful. Paisley l.o.v.e.d. it...Every time I turned my back, she was on the screen porch and trying to shimmy herself out the door. She cannot swim that well (although we are taking lessons) and it made me nervous!

We also went to eat at my FAVORITE place. Mama Hamil's. If you ever drive through Madison, please stop here for lunch or dinner. The best Southern food you have ever put in your mouth.

Paisley eats enough creamed corn and butter beans to kill her. Not to mention the rutabagas are TO DIE FOR. I am hungry just thinking about this place.

And I cannot forget Griffin. He ate enough Banana Pudding to last him a lifetime!

We also hauled the bounce house and the kids had a ball. We even turned the water hose on and let them bounce wet. Very unsafe but fun. My mama and daddy also have a pool in their gated subdivision. They only have about 25 houses so there are never many people. It was super nice. Sorry I don't have pictures. I was trying to keep my kids from killing each other.

Griffin loves Papaw. It was so good to see my mama and daddy. My daddy is recovering well from his surgery and he is still not at 100%, but he is feeling much better. Well, that was until this weekend.

He might need a few nights on ICU to recover from 5 grandchildren! Ha.

Here are some of Paisley, Izzy, and my brother-in-law Tim, who Paisley calls Cheerio, and they are dressing him up like a princess. Paisley likes to take all of her clothes off right now. Not a good sign.

My college roommate Brandi and her husband Stephan also came to visit. She has the two cutest girls, Tinley and Lexi. We had a great time playing and laughing about the old college days. I cannot believe I didnt take one picture of all of us. Oh well!

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day. Thank you to all the men and women who serve our country and keep us safe. And thank you to all the fallen soldiers. I could not help but think about the snipers who took out Bin Laden. They get no formal recognition, but I am so grateful. I bet they were hot, too. Can you imagine??!! SWOON! I am all ABOUT a man in a uniform!

Sorry I have not been blogging much lately. Life has been SUPERBUSY. Griffin is the equivalent of 13 children and he is 13 months old which means his other name is NOOOOOO! I bet I say that word 150,000 times a day. I do NOT like to rush time, but we could skip the next three months and I would be fine with that. Give me patience, Lord.

I PROMISE to blog more often!!!


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Kim said...

Looks like you had a great time! Griffin is getting so, so big!