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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Lance and a Cicada

Our good friends, The ,have the cutest children EVER....not to mention, they are hilarious. I mean, crazy stuff. Lane is WILD. I really hope that he and Paisley marry one day. He is hilarious. Reminds me of Stephen.

He isn't afraid of ANYTHING. Hence, here is Lance eating a cicada. This is also why I love Meredith. She grabs the video camera instead of stopping him. Brilliant.

Thanks Mere for sharing.....Enjoy!



Jay, Leslie and William said...

That's both hilarious and strangely disturbing...thanks for posting!

a' la mode said...

O. M. G. I just showed this my hubs and we are BOTH dying. he is soooooooo 100% boy!!!! xoxo shel