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Friday, April 29, 2011


What is your Royal Name? Mine is Lady Gaye of Mindy Camelia (Your mother's name + your dog's name +the street you grew up on.) HOW FUN!
Did you all watch the Royal Wedding?
What were your thoughts? I think that Princess William, Duchess of Cambridge looked very much in LOVE! She has waited a LONG time for today. Congratulations to the happy couple and to the little girl in this picture who I am sure got her bottom spanked by her mummy.
Far left. I mean, I could SO see Paisley doing this at a wedding! Cracks me up and makes me nervous thinking about it!
I am going to be honest about the dress. Let me first say that opinions are like buttholes; everyone has one. I know I am in the minority, also. But I have to say I was sadly disappointed. We have been hearing about this "secret dress" for over 6 months. It is no secret. It looks like Grace Kelly. Except Grace Kelly blinged it out and wore an amazing headpiece.
Please no hate mail! Kate was beautiful! She looked perfect. The dress was VERY safe, politically correct, and....wait for it....BORING. How about a train? Or a long veil? You are the future King of England's bride..I was a bit disappointed.
For those of you who don't follow fashion, I will fill you in. Alexander McQueen died last year. He is a brilliant designer. He is brash; very flamboyant, very into intricate details, theatrical; extremely Avant Garde. I bet he was rolling in his grave at the thought of this dress.
Things I liked;
-the lace and the sleeves! Beautiful!
-I definitely think your wedding day is NOT a day to look boobalicious and like a hoe. You should look elegant and classic. Loved the Chantilly lace.
-I also loved the round train. I thought it was a very similar look to Diana's.
Do you all remember watching Diana's wedding? I was a little girl, and I was mesmerized! When she stepped out of that coach, I GASPED!
Enchanting! Train! Ruffles! Silk! Diana was a fairy tale princess. I was sad today :(
No princess-ey feel. But gorgeous, none the less.
Pippa was absolutely stunning. She looked as good (better) than Kate!
I wonder what the Queen Mum has in her purse? Booze? check. Altoids? Check.
An Ipad for Scrabble? Bangers and Mash?
Three words come to mind: BLESS. THEIR. HEARTS.
And David Beckham? HAWT HAWT HAWT. Vicki? She looks fantastic. 10 inch heels and 9 months pregnant? WHY NOT!
Beautiful cake!!!
What a hottie!! And Chelsea looks like TONS OF FUN!

Congrats Will and Kate! You two look like you are truly in LOVE.


Kim said...

You did not say that opinions are like buttholes. I'm dying!!!! I loved Kate's dress. Not much wow factor, but did love it. Beatrice and Eugenie? What the hell? Those hats are ridiculous. I realize I'm not British and don't *get* the hat thing, but those are outrageous. And Victoria's heels? I couldn't walk in those on my best non-pregnant day, never mind nine months pregnant. And her husband is delicious. And Harry? He just seems naughty to me. Like a little boy looking for trouble. I thought the wedding was great!

Joy said...

After all the crazy storms, it was nice to watch something on tv that was not weather related. I liked her after party dress better than her wedding dress. To me it looked more like an actual wedding dress. And I thinks he was more comfortable. BTW - thanks for your sweet comment and I'm now following you! Can't wait to read more from a sister southern gal!

Heather H said...

I agree that she looked elegant and tasteful...and safe; however, since it was a Royal wedding and they've been trying to distance this from the Charles/Diana wedding, I wasn't expecting a huge display of daring. Pippa looked amazing (I did think we'd see Kate in something more form fitting along the lines of Pippa). And the frowning flower girl IS MY FAVORITE! Love a good dose of reality. Did you see this picture of Kate? FABULOUS.