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Thursday, April 28, 2011


This time 4 years ago, I had NO IDEA what was about to hit me! Paisley quit moving one night and this was odd, because she had been a very active baby. I called my doctor, who told me that I needed to come in and have some sucrose by IV to see if she would start moving. After no movement and I was only dilated 1/2 centimeter, a C-Section was my friend! It was fast and crazy, but I was so super ready to get this baby out!
Stephen and I look scared, don't we?? haha....WE WERE TERRIFIED!
I love this picture! I know it is graphic, but it is life at its first breath! Thank you Lord!
I told Stephen to take pictures and he was like papparazzi shooting so fast! It helped calm his nerves.
And this? This is one of the happiest moments of my life. I cry looking at this picture.
Paisley Jane was born on April 29th at 6:02 in the evening. 7 pounds, 2 ounces. 20 inches. Thank you Lord! Thank you for life! Thank you for a healthy baby!
Thank you for choosing me to be this child's mother. Life is so precious!
Paisley and I have had a special bond from the moment she was brought into this world. We are so very close! She is definitely a mama's girl. We tickle. And play. And laugh. And giggle. She is my little baby doll. See Below.
Stephen told me at the hospital that he thought these "CachCach" gowns were so cute! He said, "Why don't I run to Target and buy a few more?" HA! He would stroke to this day if he knew how much a CachCach gown costs.
Ohhhh, she was such a terrible sleeper. She nearly killed me!!! 14 months before she slept through the night! Ahhhh, but now, she is a great sleeper!
Paisley has had a big year. She did NOT take well to her brother for the first, ohhh, 7 months. She really didn't even want to look at him. She was so super jealous. In the past two months, she adores him!! She lets him chase her, she tickles him, she LOVES him. If we are at the store, she is looking for him toys and snacks. She is turning into Mama Bird! It makes my heart flutter to see them interact! I pray they always love one another.
Paisley also had other milestones....A new school, a beach trip with mommy and daddy, an airplane trip,
a newfound love for Divas and Dudes in Cool Springs,
a sweet friend who is sick and she prays for her every night,
an absolute FASCINATION with Chuck E Cheeses,
an invite to be in her FIRST wedding for her cousin Julianne,
a love for Barbies, make-up, baking, playing in her kitchen,
seeing her first big screen movie (Toy Story 3), and lots of trips to Mississippi.
We discovered a new pumpkin patch that we visited EVERY Saturday in October,
a weekly class at Let It Shine in Franklin,
a newfound love for her cousins, especially Izzy,
and her all-time favorite, being a princess!!
She loves glitter and most importantly, CANDY.
She also attended Toy Story on Ice,

and spent lots of time getting out of trouble and rescued by her daddy....
Her Elf On A Shelf Nikki also paid a visit around Christmastime!

And she dressed as a Mermaid Princess for Halloween....

Santa Claus also paid her a visit at Gigis and Papaws....

And one of the biggest nights of the year was the CIRCUS!

I love you Paisley Jane! Mommy and Daddy adore your sassy walks, your funny Paisleyisms, and all the joy you bring us each and everyday! I hope you have a VERY Happy Birthday!!
All my love! A big X and a big O!

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Carrie said...

Happy Birthday Paisley! Hope it was a perfect day! We love you.