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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


but barely...I have been in work mode, mostly. The end of every quarter brings chaos. And after the chaos, Mommy must clean, re-organize, and plot out my business for the next quarter. It is so much fun, I just LOVE it!!


Let me tell you what is F-U-N with a big, fat capital F?!

Planning a Princess Party!!! YAHOO!

This is table is one of the things I am drawing inspiration from. I love it!
I also love these two sweet faces! I love to take pictures after church on Sunday. They are usually dressed up and looking quite snazzy. They are growing up so fast and it makes me want to cry. As tired and sleep-deprived as I am, I would not trade any of it! I never want to wish the time away....I look at Griffin's little hands and I could just kiss his skin off. Seriously. Ohhhh, it makes me want 3 more (just made a mental note to buy a lottery ticket tomorrow on my way up to Paducah. I will need it to pay for college. Scratch that. Private school. Scratch that. PRE-school.)

I love this sweet face. She is so cute and bad all at the same time. Her light was moved at school on Tuesday. She was overheard bossing two little boys and telling them, "You boys can't come to my birthday party because you make sad choices. And I don't like sad choice boys." Please Lord, could you keep her away from sad choice boys forever?! PLEEZE?
On a totally other topic, I am in love with Pottery Barn right now! I mean, how great is this back door organizer?
I also love this cozy paisley print bedspread. Doesn't this look ridiculously comfortable?
I am digging this coral pillow.
And how adorable is this egg candelabra for your Easter table presentation?
And I am seriously considering this mirror for our bedroom.
And this organization caddy.
And you all know I could not post without a shopping happy, right? :)
I am in love with this Jessica Simpson dress. So precious for work, maybe paired with a creme cardigan? Or church? Or a date? I just love this!
And I also LOVE this nail color by Essie. It's entitled Shop 'Til You Drop!

What are you girls loving?
So sorry I have been MIA for a week. I am back in full force now!!
Love you all!


Sundresses and Smiles said...

i can't get over how cute your little ones are! and i am loving that jessica simpson dress!

Kristi said...

Your photos are beautiful and I am loving the princess table. What a fun photo shoot that would be.

Speaking of photos, I was at a bridal shower last weekend. It was for the sweet girl who was our flower girl at my wedding nearly 21 years ago. Anyway my friend, the mother of the bride, had the amazing thought to have photos made of her daughter in her (the mom's) wedding dress when her daughter was 8 at the time. They had the pictures displayed at her daughter's wedding shower this past weekend. I thought it was such a sweet idea that you might enjoy!

Heather H said...

"Sad choice boys" is my new favorite phrase! And I am so loving that full length mirror.