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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The Goddard School held their annual Easter Egg Hunt this weekend and it was so much fun!

We love this school! If you live in Brentwood/Franklin or surrounding areas, you should visit!
It is lovely! The owner, Sue Spissu, is amazing! I cannot say enough about this program. It is 5 stars! I want to stay myself everyday! HA!

So.... back to the Easter Egg Hunt. It was yucky weather on Saturday (and cold!), so we had to hunt eggs inside, but the children had a great time, regardless...

When Paisley was leaving yesterday, they told her she won the raffle!! She was SUPER DUPER excited!!

What on EARTH am I going to do with a 10 pound duck? Goodwill? Yes. It will be ther after Easter. I kid. I kid. Not really.

This is probably as good as an Easter picture will be this year. Griffin and sit still don't really go together in the same sentence.

Griffin looks so debonair! I just love his little linen navy pants, sweater, and silk tie!! Who says dressing a boy isnt fun?! I LOVE IT! His outfit is from The Children's Place. And his Sperry's are from Stride Rite.

I was so glad the Easter Bunny was on hand!

Griffin is very much into taking the eggs apart and tapping them together. He also loves candy as much as his sister does! HA!

Paisley liked the baby egg hunt WAY better! HA! She helped her brother find eggs. She is doing so much better with him. She loves to help me and she is great at making him laugh. She will even go get me a diaper and his sippy cup!

She is also becoming very opinionated about everything! Gotta love that.....NOTTTT!

She is becoming very difficult at picture time. And at dinner. She will not eat anything green. I am withholding all candy and juice right now, due to this lack of willingness to try new foods. DRIVES. ME. INSANE. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Also, any great ideas for Easter baskets? I am making marshmallow pops for Paisley's basket on Sunday. Any other fun ideas?



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ash said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Griffin's attire! He is so cute!