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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Welcome Nester Tour of Homes! This is my Nutcracker Collection. I have about 30 total. I LOVE them!!! This is my gigantic one above that I bought from Hobby Lobby. I usually receive many of these as gifts for Christmas each year. Below is probably my favorite. I call her Taylor Swift. My mama bought her from Target. She is bedazzled and so cute!!
My mama also bought me this one at Kohl's. Isn't he cute?? He is my Hotty Toddy Nutcracker.
This is my last favorite. My best friend Amy bought me this one. He is sooooo cute!! He is completely sequined and I just LOVE him!!

These are a few more in my window sill that I just love. For some reason, they make me so happy!!
This is a hutch in my dining room. I love Santa and Mistletoe!!
Above is my Fontanini collection that my parents started me in high school. These are the most beautiful nativity scenes ever. One day, I hope I have a room full of this stuff!! It is plastic, so Paisley can play with it, which I love!
My nutcracker Wallpaper!!
My main tree in the den
Above looking down...
Paisley's Big Girl Room
Her pink tree that I purchased from Big Lots!

Below are pictures of my formal dining room. It looks like Christmas year round in here!!

My garden statue that my friends have named Ramona...I dont know why I like her, but I do!
The End!!! Thanks for visiting my home!!! Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!!


Sally said...

your house looks gorgeous!!! miss you guys!

Rachel Osborne said...

you have a beautiful home! i love the picture of paisley eating while the two dogs sit at her feet. that is too cute. i love the nutcracker collection too! I have one or two in storage and am inspired to start collecting more!

Anna said...

Your house is beautiful!