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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Oh my word, my babies are growing up before my eyes. Paisley turned SIX a few weeks ago. BOOOO HOOOO. She is losing teeth. And starting to understand how the world works. Adding. Subtracting. Telling secrets. My sweet Paisley loves to help others and ohhh she has a heart the size of Texas. She loves LOVES Barbies, dressing up, dancing, make-up, rock climbing, and LOVES Nintendo DS and Wii. She loves playing outside,  riding her scooter, gymnastics, and she can even stand on her head. She is 38 pounds of silliness, wears a size 10 shoe, and is STILL in a size 5T clothes. She has lost three teeth and one is currently loose!

On her actual birthday this year, I took her to Toys R US and let her pick out a bunch of things! :) 

She picked out four different Mermaid Barbies, a Mermaid Doll, a sewing machine, two Barbie horses, stickers and tape, and two new DS games. 

We had a VERY small birthday party for her class and a few close friends at the park right next to her school. She wasn't thrilled that this was her birthday party this year. However, we went to Disney World instead! She also had some friends spoil her with some toys! 
Thank you Aunt Amy and Uncle Fro! 

Thank you Luke! 
 We are REALLY into Skylanders Giants! 

All the mermaids! 

Riding her scooter! 

Paisley and Mrs. Joann on her birthday. We took Chik Fil A for breakfast for her entire class. 

Elliotte, Ellie Rose, and Paisley 

Birthday Party! 

All our classmates and siblings! 

Cake from Publix. Awful, but I TRIED HARD to scale back! I hate those words. 

Paisley and Maddie 

Erika and Austin 

Sweet Christian! 

Luke and Conner 

Paisley and Bo 

Love our sweet school friends. We will miss them next year! 

Paisley and her BFF Gracyn

Sweet Grace Hamilton! Love her so much! She has twin sisters due soon! 

We also had a small family birthday party for Grammy and Paisley. 
We celebrated with spaghetti and ice cream cake from DQ. 

Happy Birthday! 

Blowing out Grammy's Candles! 


Paisley loves her Grammy! 

Happy Birthday to two of my favorite people!
Love you both so much!

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