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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So sorry I have not blogged in awhile!!! Lot's going on!!! 
1. I AM PREGNANT! I am about 8 weeks...
2. I KNOW IT IS A BOY...well, not really! But I think it is!
3. My name choices so far:
A. John Sterling if it is a BOY. He will go by Sterling. 
4. If it is a GIRL, who knows? I have no choices!!!
I am thinking one of these three:
A. Jacqueline O'Trevia 
B. Genevieve Gaye 
C. Carrington Jane 
5. I am not nearly as excited about picking a girl name. How do I top Paisley? 
6. Stephen's job is about to kill me and everyone around him right now. He works 100 hours a week. It is insane. 
7. Two of my friends are engaged and getting married in October and November...very quick, and lots of babies!!! 4 are due in 3 weeks!!!
8. I am so TIRED! I am in the bed by 8:30 usually every night!!
9. Excited about fall and cooler weather.
10. How are yoU? I hope you are doing well!!


Sally said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! CONGRATS KJ!!!!! we are soooo excited for you guys, what great news! and ahhh, ya'll would be soooo stinkin cute with a lil boy running around! love your girl names too tho, that is where we are having trouble...picking a girl name. We aren't finding out the sex, so gotta have a boy and a girl one all ready...need some help with girl names!!!
love ya!

Carrie said...

We are so excited! I love all the names. Keep us updated. Love you.