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Tuesday, August 04, 2009


1. I have been on a blogging hiatus. Sorry. No excuses. Just busy. 

2. Today was 12 hour day. I really dislike those. 

3. I am really liking the show Tori and Dean. I think she is very real and I just love that. I think that she has a real marriage and it is precious, although I am not a fan of how they met. 

4. Stephen is kicking butt at his job and I am considering the possibility of staying home in the next few years. Wow. Kinda scary stuff. 

5. Paisley's pictures are adorable. The website is Client Code is G072409. You have to see them. They are precious. 

6. My parents celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary this past week and my in-laws are celebrating their 40th. WOWZERS!!! I am so fortunate that we have families that are still together. It makes me very happy!! 

7. Friday, we went to Arrington Vineyards to celebrate Michael Trautman's  birthday. What a cool place!!! The picture above is of Paisley on Friday night. My sister sent her this outfit and she would have died or wear it. It is only 90 degrees and she has on boots!! Only my child. 

8. Saturday, we went to Lauren Taylor's birthday party at the library downtown. It was so fun!!  I got some great pictures of the kiddos. Here is the cutest picture of the "Paisley" bib I got off of  E-bay. So cute.  

9. I won the HOTTEST pair of boots on E-bay. I am trying to be good and not go crazy bidding on fall clothes. However, it is hard :)

10. Menu for the week:
Monday- Mexican at Las Palmas
Tuesday- Left Overs
Wednesday- Shish-ka-bobs
Thursday Amy D's baby shower
Friday Salmon 
Saturday Heather's Engagement Party 


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