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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


1. WOW! What a long, rainy day!! I went to Memphis today and got lots accomplished. I like those days. I actually saw some doctors and got to sell to them. Very cool. 
2. Please be in prayer for my sweet friends, The Biggert's. Their mom died very suddenly Sunday morning and needless to say, they are devastated. They lost their dad many years ago in the line of duty. Joe is my age and Angee is a few years older. 
3. We are so happy that the Titans play the first home game this weekend!!! We will be there and can't wait!
4. I watched a really great movie last night, entitled The Duchess. Yeah I know I am about 5 years behind. But it was so good. I just love Keira Knightly!
5. Paisley went to the doctor Monday and had a great 2 year check up. Her sight and hearing were both great, and she has grown 4 pounds and 2 inches!! 
6. Paisley got a new bike and is a little obsessed with it, hence her riding it in the house. She refuses to ride without her helmet, which I find amusing! She is all about safety, just like her daddy. 
7. If you have a Trader Joe's close to you, I highly recommend the orange chicken dinner, the cheese enchiladas, and the corn salsa. All very yummy and delicious!! 
8. It is rare that I am home with my husband, so I am going to sit on the couch and snuggle!

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Sally said...

She is precious on that lil bike! AHHH! and yay for hubby's being home - snuggle away!