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Monday, July 04, 2011


Hey guys ... this is KTJane's Mom wishing a happy 4th of July to you and your family! As I celebrate with family and in my heart, I remember that my freedom is not free. My Daddy, though he never thought of himself as a hero, described the days and nights he spent in foxholes while fighting in the Pacific in WWII. He watched many of his commrades give their lives. My dear brother fought in Viet Nam. Regardless of our feelings about the rights or wrongs of the war, many many heroes fought and many died as they honorably defended the freedoms our country holds so dear. So my thanks to each of them, past and present, who give so selflessly so that we may enjoy the lives we live each day.

And now I am back! Happy 4th Yall! What about our waterslide? I am SUCH a good saleswoman. I FINALLY convinced Stephen that we needed this toy. We were on our way to Jackson/Madison Saturday and decided to stop in Toys R Us.

We love Little Tikes stuff and it all the websites gave this slide great reviews. It is a big hit with ALL the kids ages 10,7,4,3, and 1!

Griffin has been Mr. Cranky Pants! UGH. TIMES FOUR. Bless his little heart. He has a double ear infection and he is dying. And he has molars coming in. He also does not understand why he cannot climb up stairs, slam doors, and play with remotes, cell phones, and cords. Frustrating age. But he is dancing and talking. New words this week: quack, dog, bye,pop. He is so cute I can't stand it.

My mama and daddy's house is turning out so pretty. I just love it! My mama finally had curtains installed in the keeping room, so I thought I would show y'all.

I also love the formal dining room. She is waiting on furniture for this room. Slowly but surely :)

We have also been biking more and more. If you girls ever bike, make sure you get the shorts with bike pads. WHAT A PAINFUL CROTCH I HAD FOR DAYS!! LOL.

I hope you are all enjoying your family today! I am so blessed to have Salvation. Because when you are a Christian, every day is Independence Day!



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