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Friday, July 29, 2011

Britney, Babies, Busy, Sno Cones...

Oh my goodness life has been busy! Work, kids, friends, chores, etc., etc., etc....

My BFF Amy and I went to see Miss Britney Spears. It was so fun and Britney was UNREAL!!

I love me some Britney and some Nicki Minaj. She lip synchs the whole show but the dancing, stages and costumes were off the hook!

We were quite possibly the oldest people there, but who cares?! We showed a bunch of 15 year olds that we can still dance and throw down in your 30's!! HA.

We also have been playing trains. ALOT. And usually Griffin and Paisley are naked. Yes, my children are nudists. One day they will love all these naked pics.

Stephen and I went on a sushi date for my birthday. It was so yummy. All you Nashville folks have to check out SushiMe. It is my favorite sushi ever. And it is 2 miles from our house. Sort of a problem. I am addicted!

I am also addicted to Tiger's Blood sno cones. Not good when you are on a diet and trying to lose weight! I am trying so hard to up my water and workouts, and leave the sugar alone. Easier said than done!

Griffin also loves to tag along upstairs to Paisley's room, and he really loves to pretend he is a baby. I could just eat him up!

Griffin also loves to try my sunglasses on! He really likes to dance and rock out, too :)

What have you all been up to? Miss you all!! XOXO-


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Heather H said...

Yay! So glad you're back! And VERY jealous of the Britney concert. Griffin in those sunglasses is just too presh. Ha!