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Monday, August 01, 2011


Oh, I love clothes. And bags. I am not that big of a fan of shoes, though. Yes, I said it. I just don't have that much luck besides boots. I love boots. We do have this fantastic place in Nashville called Marti and Liz. They have fabulous designer shoes for NOTHING! Like $24.99. Love it!

So, onto some clothes I like:

I am loving this MM Couture one shoulder dress that is $88.00. I think this is a great cocktail dress and you could dress it up or down. And it could take you into spring! All these looks are from Piperlime.

I also am crazy about this Tulle Faux Fur Jacket, $84.00, also at Piperlime. How great is this with jeans, or with a solid black dress for work. Very versatile. I am also a big fan of tan jackets. I think they look great with black, and who doesn't wear lots of black in winter?

Crazy about these Sam Edelman booties. I mean, this would be so hot with a black dress, black tights, and my bright green coat. Colored coats are a definite IN for fall!

Digging these House of Harlow glasses. 1960, Nicole. $125.00

House of Harlow glasses 1960 Nicole, $125.00

Crazy about these shoes!!! So versatile!! Great with dresses and pants!

The Nine West Gracion, $109.00

This is HOT! I love this Betsey Johnson snake bangle...Too cute for words...sssssss


What are you loving?

How would you love a $25.00 gift card to TJ Maxx for some fall looks?

Leave me a comment and let me know what you like?




stylemefab said...

I like you, aren't that into shoes, but give me a bag and a pretty dress anyday!BUT I love those leopard booties, so chic!

Jess said...

Love TJ Maxx...and I'm ready to have this baby, so I can wear any of this cute stuff again!

Angie said...

love the faux fur jacket from pretty!

Lesley said...

Girl! I'll get a sitter for these kids and take off to TJ Maxx! How bout one to Piperlime too? ;)

Lauren Tomlinson said...

Wow, I have missed you in blog land! I am writing one now too. You inspired me :)I love me some TJ Maxx! pick me, please. and check out my blog if you have a spare minute

jenny winstead said...

i love when you do these posts KJ! i never have time to look online for ANYTHING except graphic design work stuff, so i am SO out of the trend loop. you keep me in. i think i love the first top the best! :)

~Everything Posh~ said...

Love Marti & liz too! Shoes are my weakness!!! Need another pair to add to my shoe closet...300 pairs are just not enough!! Ha!

Rebecca said...

I like the sunglasses. Would never spend $125.00 for a pair. I'll bet I could find some at TJ Maxx for $25.00.

Vanessa said...

My mother has been finding some really cute bathing suits (and sunglasses!) at tj maxx