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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Being the Mississippi redneck I am, I can never ever turn down a trip to a fair! So we loaded up the kids and headed to Franklin on Saturday night. We also met Grammy and Pappy there, too.

The weather was decent, and way cooler than it has been the last few weeks. Don't get me wrong, it was still hot. But at least not misery!

We took the kids along in the wagon, and Paisley was a gem. Griffin, on the other hand, was the little circus monkey he always is. He has an appointment on Tuesday with an ENT named Dr. Witherspoon (as in, Reese's dad. I.WILL.DIE.), and hopefully, tubes are in the near future.

Paisley was a big fan of the misters.

And Griffin nearly had an aneurysm when he saw the Dollar General racecar. I let him sit in it and he was trying to crank the car. Hilarious. Boys are wild, wild, wild, wild!!! We also ate ablooming onion, two corn dogs, Lemonade, and Homeade Ice Cream. YUMMY!

He wasn't too happy that he couldn't ride anything. Paisley rode the elephants, nemo, ladybugs, tiltawhirl, and merry-go-round. She was a riding fool! She inherited that trait from her aunt Rana. She also went down the giant slide with her daddy!

No ensemble for the fair would be complete without boots!!! Last season, Baby Gap.

In Heaven!

Planting seeds at the Farm Bureau Animal Farm.

Fishing for a prize!!!

And the finale, Paisley licking cotton candy out of the bag!!! Ha!

She was in Heaven!!!!

I had to take this picture on the way to church this morning!! This is how Griffin rides to school nearly every morning! Cracks me up. He is truly chillaxin'!!!

And my sweet princess!!! In her $13.00 Encores dress. Its Viva la Fete! I hope you all are consigning in the Murfreesboro sale. The best consignment sale ever!!

What did y'all do this weekend? XO KJ


Erin said...

I hope tubes help Griffin - they have sure helped Ty! And Reese's dad - for real?! OMG! I would die too!! lol

Melanie said...

KJ, we see Dr. Cate (in Witherspoon's practice) and we've heard that they are the "best." My youngest got tubes right after his first birthday and life got soooo much better! Hope it does for you guys, too. Just warning you, though, the wait time at the office can be rough some times with little ones. We may switch dr.'s just for that reason. Maybe you will have better luck. Take Care~Melanie

Kim said...

Love P's boots and G's sweet little face!!