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Monday, December 12, 2011


I have no excuses for not blogging, just busy with life! I really hope that you all will forgive me!
I am committing to myself to do a better job! Here's to 2012! Ha!

The first Saturday night in December we hosted Festigoody. This is by far one of my favorite nights of the year! I love the fact that all my friends get dressed up in WAY fancy dresses!! They all know how much I love this night!

Kristi, Brooke, Becky, Heather, Amy, Me, Amy, Lacey, and Heather
I love these three girls so much!

My beautiful friend Alexis!!!

After dinner, we play Dirty Santa and it usually VERY dirty! haha. The gifts are awful and we have such a great time laughing and acting silly!!
Our good friends Emily and Michael!
Lacey having fun with her gift, Garden and Gun magazine!
Love all these sweet friends. We had such a fun time laughing and catching up!
The Snooki and Pauly D Christmas ornaments were a GREAT dirty gift!!
Also a big hit was the Tuggie, a little pouch to put your man jewels in.
Amy letting lose and having fun!
Brian and Jeff dressed in matching shirts....

Playing and acting silly!

My food table was fabulous but unfortunately this is after the masses came through. We had a huge platter of cheeses, fruit, and crackers, along with two insanely large platters of fresh sushi from Whole Foods topped with crab and lobster. I also made a delicious shrimp marinade dish that was out-of-this-world! It was basically cooked shrimp, onions, and artichokes topped with a vinaigrette. The vinaigrette was made up of red wine vinegar, splenda, olive oil, mustard, and thyme blended well and poured over the three ingredients. Try it!

My peacock tree that is missing the tree topper! Haha. I will post an updated one soon.

The dessert table was filled with fresh fruit tarts, fudge, cookies, caramel, and white wedding cookies.
Too much wine!!

Miss you all! Thanks for being such loyal readers!!

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