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Sunday, May 13, 2012


Happy Mother's Day to the best mama in the world! You have always been my biggest fan, my toughest critic, my rock, my nurse (remember the times I would eat red sauce from Gary Road and throw up for 24 hours afterwards?), a shoulder to cry on (and usually after I cried you told me to "GROW UP!), a cheerleader, a book report doer (sorry to rat you out, but you made that Dickens Diorama), a fair but tough disciplinarian, and a butt whipper, even at 27 and in the middle of a C-Section (grow up! this isnt about you anymore…you are a mother now. Think about your baby!!!")…. You went to graduate school and finished wth a 4.0, all while planning a wedding, burying your mama and your brother within 6 months of each other, and my own HS graduation. I am the most thankful for that last one since now I have my own little babies and I know how hard it is to balance career, family, church, and the busyness of it all. Thank you for being a good parent. Thank you for NEVER being my friend but instead my Mother. Thank you for loving my daddy all the time, for kissing him and hugging him in front of us, so that we always know that you love him! Kids need to see that and I understand this now! Thank you for my sister and another sibling that I know I will meet in Heaven one day! Thank you for not buying me everything I wanted, and for teaching me boundraies in shopping… And lastly, thank you for telling me about Jesus. Because of this, I know we will be together forever, not just now here on earth but also in eternity! I love you more than you will ever know. XO KJ.

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Katie said...

Beautiful post.