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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Steeplechase Nashville 2012

This weekend was Steeplechase 2012!

We celebrated pre race with a brunch and betting at our friend's house, The Devers. 

They have an absolutely beautiful home and we ate some scrumptious food like eggs, grits casserole, pastries, sausage, bacon, and fruit. Also on hand were bloody marys and mimosas. 

How gorgeous is this? I love the zippy cup! It adds pizzaz! HA. 

We sat in the grand stands this time. Definitely more refined and quieter than the infield. HA. We had a really great time once the rain let up, which thankfully, was for most of the race. 

Look who we ran into, our good friends, The Smiths. Love them and how cute are they matching?!

 View from the stands. All those tents are what as known as "the infield" It gets pretty rowdy out there.

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More views of the field. The first race is at 12:45 and the last race is at 5pm. 

Christy and Suzanna, our hostess. 

Stephen and Scott 

 Amy HH, Me, and Alexis

 My precious hubby. So sweet. I love him. Lots. 

My monogrammed hat! 


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Court said...

You look fabulous in your monogrammed hat, love it!