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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I have been in Mississippi, redecorating two bedrooms, a bathroom, and tagging and cleaning out for 2 consignment sales. WHEW! I am VERY glad that all of it is over. We have two weeks until Paisley starts school and all fall activities start back up. 

Back in JULY (I can't believe summer is nearly over. Makes me sad!) we celebrated my birthday with a fabulous celebration at Virago and some great gifts. 
My mama and daddy gave me these Scout bags and this watch. I love them! 

I love this card. This is from my friend Heather. 

And my sweet friends Emily and Erica gave me this gorgeous bracelet that I wear everyday! 

Me and my handsome hubby! Love him so much. 

And here are my babies singing Happy Birthday!! Love them so!! 


1 comment:

Heather H said...

Your b-day presents are fab! Totally in love with the cross bracelet.