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Saturday, November 28, 2009


I am so glad that CHRISTMAS IS HERE!!!! We had a great weekend with my parents. Sadly, my sister and her family did not get to come to Nashville. They had three sick kids with strep throat. However, we did plenty of eating, shopping, and decorating. We also moved Paisley out of the nursery and upstairs to her "Big Girl Room." We started decorating the nursery for Griffin...It looks so different with all that blue! Ha! I cannot wait for him!! I feel like I accomplished greatness this weekend (with the help of my parents and husband, of course!)
We decorated both trees, all outside lights, put up all of my Nutcrackers, finished 1/3 of my Christmas shopping, and also purchased a treadmill for my Christmas present. It is so nice!! I love it!! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
PS- The only bummer was that Ole Miss got the snot beat out of us by Mississippi State...not fun!

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