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Sunday, September 26, 2010

20 Random Thoughts....

20 Things:
1. I own about 12 green sweaters. In every shade. If I get ready to
buy a sweater, it is always in green.
2. I spray tan twice a week. I'm tanorexic.
3. I spray the cabinets in my kitchen clean probably 3 times a day
with Method Spray cucumber melon.
4. I could eat at the Cheesecake Factory everyday for the rest of my
life and not get sick of it. I would also weigh 600 pounds.
5. I promise I have more magazine subscriptions than anyone you know. My friends
immediately go look in my master bathroom as soon as they come over.
Cracks me up. I have subscriptions to:
Us Weekly
Marie Claire
Life and Style
Southern Living
People Style
Nashville Lifestyles
Cooking Light
Ok! Magazine
Wasn't lying
6. I go to the salon once a week for a blow out. I'm getting lazy in
my old age. I wash my hair once a week other than that. I just don't
have time.
7.I cannot sleep in an unmade bed. Even in hotels. It makes me feel eek.
8.I secretly want to be a songwriter.
9.If I won the lottery, I would love to own a huge retail store.
Probably called Magnolia Janes. I daydream about what it would look
10.I would also have a house full of kids and pets. At the end of the
day, life Is all about living for God and the relationship you have
with Him and with your family. The older I get, I am learning that
nothing else really matters. Don't stay mad at people. Let stuff go. Life is just too short.
11.I can recite "Oh The Places Youll Go!" by Dr. Suess in it's entirety.
12. I dream every single day about being skinny and weighing 120 pounds.
But then I eat ice cream and the dream is over.
13. I love listening to my mama make up bedtime stories. My favorite
one is "The Night The Babies Went Wild in The Nursery." So funny!
Paisley thinks it's so funny, too. My mama is a published author and has the most creative imagination EVER. I hope my kids inherit that trait!
14. Sometimes I hear kids talk to their parents, and I think they need
to be slapped in the face. At 30, my mama would slap me if I
back talked. It is unnreal how parents "allow" their kids to behave. I don't
buy it.
15. I love it when my husband writes me a card. He is such a great
writer and very sincere. I hang them on a bulletin board in my closet
and look at them when I get dressed in the morning.
16. I also love it when we go on dates. Please please promise me you
and your spouse go on dates. Without kids! Buy a new outfit, make him
open the door, hint around for flowers, and talk about things other than work. I absolutely
LOVE date nights!!!! And no movies. You can't talk during a movie.
Stephen and I go eat dinner, go to a concert, go to an exhibit, etc.
Oh, and always shave your legs and put out. More dates will follow. I promise.
17. How can I possibly follow 16? Hehe.
18. I could go to Target every single day of my life and spend $100. At least $100 Maybe $1000
19. I don't know why people are so rude and hateful. And have
attitudes. Especially in sales? Ughhhhhh. Being nice gets you SOOO much further in life. Pay
people sincere compliments. Say please and thank you. And have a nice
day. It really is easier to be nice. Your life is not really that hard.
20. Count your blessings. It is easy to dwell on the things that are wrong/bad/negative in your life. But think about the great things.




Jennifer Compton said...

You really crack me up. And I am SO in agreement with number 4.

The Smiths said...

Love this!! Thanks for the great list on a Sunday evening! Have a good week!

monique said...

this is miss you!

tammie said...

I love every one of those! and yes, your mama is awesome! I had her Teaching Treasures book when I was in nursing school and it helped me get great grades on my teaching plans!

Ford Family said...

I just found the joy of spray tanning! OMG!! It's awesome! You should subscribe to The Delta magazine. You would love it!!!

Rachel Osborne said...

Thank you for #10. I needed to read that today. Just made a HUGE decision, one that I was toying with holding or letting go. Thank you!!

Jason and Lisa Clark said...

You crack me up!! I love this post!!!