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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Windy City. No. The Shopping City.

This past weekend, me and three of my girlfriends (Amy, Amy, and Lacey) went on a little shopping marathon to Chicago.
We flew Southwest SUPERCHEAP (like 90$ bucks round trip) into Midtown.

We took the train from the airport to our hotel, The Silver Smith. It was inexpensive and very convenient to shopping!! We cabbed it maybe 3 times the entire trip.

We ate at my FAVORITE restaurant in the ENTIRE US of A.....and let me just say, that says a whole lot. Because I absolutely love love love food. This place is ridiculous. The original Joe's is in Miami, Florida. But Chicago is a close second. We had the stone crabs, which they crack at your table. As in, all you do is dip in butter and eat. OMG. I can't even describe how great this place is.

After we stuffed ourselves at Joe's, we went to this cute little hotspot called Pops, a champagne bar. It was superfun and girlie.

Friday morning, we started shopping at 9am. And we finished around 9pm. We seriously shopped until we were sore. My arms hurt. My side. And my neck. Who knew? I hope shopping becomes the new 30 day shred.

We went to eat dinner at the second night at Sushi Samba. It was a delicious place to grab some tini's and a few specialty rolls. So good. And if you are wondering where the pictures are, I took none. Very rare for me. I am usually a picture taking fool.

Afterwards, we went to Epic. Epic is a very trendy hot spot right now in Chicago. If you go there anytime soon, check it out. We had fun!!
But the shopping was ridiculous. We went to three different H&M's, three different Zara's, a 4 story Old Navy that was the BOMB, The Gap on Michigan (where I purchased Pais some REAL cute stuff), and Forever 21, which is the best store EVER. So, so, so, so, FUN. We were there a very short time, but did lots of damage.
So fun. I have missed you all. Life has been incredibly busy, but I am trying to catch up on chores and life.


Jason and Lisa Clark said...

What a fun trip!! I need to do one of those soon but when u get home there is always so much catching up to do:(

tammie said...

sounds so stinking fun!!! I always talk about doing that but we never do :(