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Monday, January 16, 2012


My number one of the night goes to Lea Michelle. She looked amazing. UH-MAH-ZING. Make-up, body, dress, hair. This girl can rock it!

She is truly gorgeous!

Also loved Sofia Veraga. Unreal how beautiful she is. Maybe the Sophia Loren of our time!

Nicole looked great. I am not always a fan of her fashion looks, but girlfriend brought it last night!

Jessica Alba looked fantastic....Her best accessory? Her hawt husband Cash Warren!

Salma Hayek gave Sophia a run for her money last night! Beautiful and look at that hourglass figure.

Octavia Spencer looked wonderful! I was crying when she read her speech. SO proud of my hometown and The Help!

Nicole Richie looked gorgeous and very Old Hollywood Glam!


Reese needed to re-think this. It looks about 4 sizes too small. Smushed boobs and not sure about the hair, either!

Sarah Michelle Gellar looks great but the dress? Awful!!! She said her 2 year old picked it out. I think she colored on it with a magic marker, also.

Michelle Williams? Not crazy about her looks the last two years. Some people voted her best dressed. Not me.
And there aren't words for this. Kelly, what is UP with your hair? Awful.

And there you have it!
Who was your favorite? Least Favorite???


Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

That silver number is odd... I was not a fan.
Kate Beckensil {sp?} was my favorite.. stunning!

Emma said...

I thought Charlize's hair and makeup was stunning and a gorg dress. Claire Danes dress was by far my favorite, however, I thought her makeup was WAY over done for such a bold dress. Oh and Kate Winslet...loved Kate. Agree Octavia was styled perfectly...I need to hire whoever worked that magic! Lea for me was tragic...liked the hair and makeup but the dress...just not for me. And finally..why can't Natalie Portman manage to get her look together? Her dress didn't fit her well.

Kim said...

Sarah Michelle's dress is hideous. Kelly's hair is horrid. I wasn't a fan of Lea's dress, but thought her hair and makeup looked great. Michelle Willams' dress was not great, and the headband looked like a random after thought. Her makeup looked good though, I think. I thought Claire looked great too.