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Tuesday, January 03, 2012


These are some of my favorite shots of Christmas this year. We went to visit my grandmother who will be 89 in a few weeks in the nursing home. This woman is a prayer warrior and gave birth to 7 children. That always blows my mind. I can't take care of 2 kids. Ha! Anyway, Paisley always enjoys the nursing home and the patients love to come by and visit. She thinks it is so fun to push my Grandmother in her wheel chair. Hilarious.

We took them candy canes to pass out and little bags of sugar free candy. Paisley loved that part. Anything dealing with candy makes her happy. And Griffin had a great time chasing 2 balloons as fast as he could. They are so precious!

One night, we all went up to Canton to look at the square and see the Christmas lights. If any of you have ever seen A Time To Kill, this is where the movie was shot. At Christmas, they turn there town square into a village of lights. This Christmas Tree was my favorite part! We took lots of family photos here!
One of me and my sister, Rana. I love her so much and I am so proud of her. She is truly a selfless person who does so much for others. I am so grateful to have a sister.

Rana and her husband Tim.

We all decided to ride the train. Our driver was crazy. I think he was issued a license that day!
Another one of me and Stephen. We never take pictures and we had lots this year! Yay!

Paisley was over this. She was ready to ride the carousel!

Playing around with editing...

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

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Heather said...

Hi Katie! Love your blog! You're so pretty and creative! Happy New Year!!