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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Some Randoms....and a pretty FABULOUS giveaway.

This is my all time favorite necklace from Stella and Dot. 
The Spring Awakening Necklace.
 I flipping love it. It goes with so many things. Who wants one? 
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l feel like lately I have always lived in the phase where I am ready for the next thing, the next house, the next party, EXHAUSTING. I am learning to take it week by week. Enjoy my kids. Enjoy my house. Have people over more. Cook out. Stay in. Spend less. Rework outfits. And not go back to work. I am a spender, to this is hard. But I am REALLY trying hard, haha. I am helping with a scar cream calling on Drs. very part time. As in, I have 11 targets. Pretty fantastic if you ask me. I love having some adult interaction and being able to call on the folks that I really love.  It is way too hard to work full time when your husband goes to work at 6:30-7:00 am and gets home at 7:00 pm at night. Or he is traveling. I am blessed, though, because he is loving his job. And we have been at a stage that he isn't loving it, so I am blessed. 

Gracyn, Paisley, and Camila. These three are BFF. 

This weekend my parents came for a visit. It was SO nice to have them come here. I love going home, but a 7 hour drive is brutal! Ha. This is what it looks like when my daddy comes to town!  Those are all unloaded guns. Yes, he travels with his own arsenal. Ha. My father-in-law, husband, dad, and some of my husband's friends L-O-V-E to shoot. They go to all the ranges and release stress. Ha. Yes, we are big pro-gun people. And they are all kept in an outdoor safe. 

We had so much fun all weekend! We went and ate pizza at Pie in the Sky, which is my favorite pizza place!! I love their pita and marinara appetizer with goat cheese. Yummy! 

I am loving having a boy. They are so funny. Griffin is head-over-heels in love with Power Rangers. I mean, he cannot get enough. It is so cute. He uses these pool noodle light sabers 24/7. He loves to roll and then fall over dead. Hilarious. You can make these light sabers by cutting a pool noodle in half and wrapping duct tape around the end! Brilliant! My friend, Patti, made these for her son Collier's birthday party and they were a BIG hit! 

 He is such a little turkey, he also grabbed a tube of my favorite Mary Kay mascara and went to town!!!! I can't get too mad. I mean, look at that face!!! 

It was such a gorgeous day on Friday that we cracked open the sandbox. Yeah, that was a bad idea. Actually, is sand ever a good idea? No. It is not. And to add to the excitement of sand, about 500 black bugs were inside of the sand, hatched, and bit my babies a lllllll over the place. Not pretty. Thank goodness my handyman Carlos is dumping the sand and replenishing it. Lovely. Ha. 

He is so funny. He goes and goes and goes like the Energizer bunny and then BAM, he is asleep and rubbing my hair and kissing all over me. He is a mess! God love him! 

 We also had strep this past week, and recovered pretty quickly, thank goodness. No fever, just sore throats. Not fun, but at least step is pretty quick. 

My sweet Paisley is ALL about some rock climbing!! We went this week and climbed at The Crag in Cool Springs. She loved it!!! I learned how to belay for close to 2 hours. 
Never in my life did I think I would learn to do this! Ha. What we do for our children!!!
Guinea pigs go in this category, also! 

We also ran into our sweet friend Sarah Carson out at Sun and Ski Sports this weekend.....
These girls love each other so much! We had a good time catching up....

I finally hung the pictures I made in Paisley's room this past week, and I feel like they turned out so well! I love the one in the Ariel wig! She is such a ham. 

I constantly think about losing weight. Constantly. The scale is staying in a range of about 5 pounds variation. It sucks. No nice way to say it. I am determined to scream, fight, yell, and kick my way past that number. Seeing a picture is usually the best motivation. Anyone else this way?  Considering I looked like I was 6 months pregnant last year in a swimsuit. I have finally realized that Stephen's diet is the way to go. I am not hating it like I used to. I like eating the right things and I am finding it hard to eat the bad stuff anymore. I truly cannot make myself eat a Krispy Kreme. This is huge, people. I will not for the LIFE of me drink a Diet Drink. That's a lie. Maybe a sip. But that's it. No buying them. Not bringing a case home and drinking them all. In a day. Ha. I am convinced it makes me crave sugar. These little babies are helping me out!!! 

I LOVE Zumba. Like, I am in love with it. As Pee Wee Herman says, "Why don't you marry it?" Oh Pee Wee, I would. For realz. I find myself Zumba-ing in the craziest places. The mall. The park. In the kitchen. I was at the Steve Madden store Saturday and a Jennifer Lopez song came on and I seriously was trying my hardest not to start "Cumba-ing" and I couldn't. Seriously. It's the best workout ever. 

Alright folks. My car has been oiled and my tires are rotated. Time to go sell some scar cream!!


Allyson Soldani said...

Love that necklace!

whitecatlover said...

Glad you are enjoying your family and that you had a nice, long post I have missed. The necklace is pretty.

Elisabeth said...

I'm your newest follower! Thanks for the lovely giveaway! :)