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Monday, February 15, 2010


WEEK 34:
Your baby kind of looks like he's coated in a layer of cream cheese these days. The thick, white substance that protects her skin from pruning in the amniotic fluid is called vernix. When he's born you'll probably see some vernix lingering in hard-to-reach" places like under his arms, behind his ears and around his pee pee!

Other news from the womb this week:

The soft fur, lanugo, that covered your baby's body for much of his stay in the womb is now almost completely gone. Your baby begins to develop his own immune system, instead of relying solely on antibodies received through the placenta. This will come in handy when some grubby relative manhandles the baby without washing his hands first.

This week, your baby measures about 17¾ inches, as almost as long as an American Girl Doll (!) and weighs almost 5 pounds, as heavy as a bag of sugar, minus the cup you put in your decaf this morning.

I am so excited this is nearly OVER!!! Is that bad to say? I am not one of these people who looks great pregnant. I am also sick of answering, "How much longer?" "You will never make it!" and "You are huge." Like I really don't know that?! I am hoping my Doctor is going to remove all the fat and do a mini tummy tuck after my section! HA! I am already signed up for boot camp and Weight Watchers!! I am so ready to be skinny again. (Disclaimer: I feel very blessed to be able to have children, and do realize this is a miracle. Please don't think I am not grateful, because I am. I just don't do pregnant well.)

I have a 3D sonogram Friday, so I will definitely post some pictures!! Hope you all had a great V-Day!!


Sally said...

ahhhh!! you are so close, the end is near! hang in there lil mama!!!

Rachel Osborne said...

ahhhh!! we're so close.... i'm two weeks behind you and I can't hardly walk because she is on my pelvic 74 yr old GRANDMOTHER is saying "excuse me hon" and basically RUNNING past me in my own home....although she is doing laundry for me. bless her heart. and yours! hang in there girl! i have no idea how this is going to go for me and i'm terrified---at least you know what to expect. :)

The Mrs. said...

Oh I know how you feel! I am so glad you're at the end too!!! I was HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE!