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Thursday, December 02, 2010


I posted this a few months ago, but my friend Erin M. sent me an e-mail today and asked what kinds of baby things I liked, since she is expecting her first. Please feel free to leave comments and add to the list.

I will announce the BABYGAP winner on Monday, since I am in full blown Festigoody mode!!!

Love to you all,


I have recently had a few people ask me what are my FAVORITE baby things? You know,the things you cannot live without. Well, here it goes...

I have a Bugaboo Chameleon and a Single BOB stroller. The BOB wins hands down! It is the easiest stroller EVER to turn, and it breaks down in one step. For two kids, I like the Double BOB because you can buy the car seat adaptor for when they are infants. The only thing I don't like about the double is that it is very wide for indoors.
The other stroller that I would give a high mark to would be the Maclaren Umbrella.

I also love sleeper outfits for newborns. My mama always says that babies sleep better when they have something on their tootsies. I always find cute stuff at consignments, E-bay, and Target Circo sleeper outfits.

I think these "Hooter Hiders" are too cute! And practical for nursing in public.

Obviously, the Baby Bjorn is wonderful! Some people LOVE the Moby. My problem with the Moby was trying to tie it and get Griffin in it with no one home.

The Bumbo is another "must-have." This thing is great for the in between time before the high chair. It supports their head and now in even comes with a tray, which is perfect for sitting objects on and letting them practice grabbing for toys.

The playgym is one of those items that I is ridiculously expensive BUT well worth the money. I had a hard time finding a used playgym with Griffin, so I bit the bullet and bought this thing new. It has paid for itself! I use it everyday!

I double heart LOVE my Nap Nanny. This thing is great just from a travel standpoint alone. You can leave this directly on the floor. It was invented by a mommy who had a colicky baby. The elevation is to help with digestion and reflux.

These Soothie pacifiers are also wonderful! My good friend Amy D. introduced these to me. I find myself holding it into place. But Griffin has tried other pacifiers and these are DEFINITELY his favorite!

Babylegs are great to pair with a onesie and then you don't have to unsnap pants or take pants off. Genius! And they have so many fun patterns and stripes.

A dependable video baby monitor is an investment you won't regret!

The next item are the swaddle blankets. Think of these as a tortilla and your baby is the meat! HA! They are wonderful for keeping your baby from startling himself and waving his arms in his face. You can obviously use a regular blanket, but these work great because you can velcro them in place and they stay wrapped firmly.

The Boppy is great for nursing, rocking, and just holding your sweet little pumpkin. I love this pillow! I used the same pillow with both and just switched out the covers.

The swing: Another life saver. Paisley liked the swing more than Griffin does. He LOVES it late at night after his bath and when he is ready for bed. Paisley would swing all day long everyday!! Funny how kids are different. We have the Rainforest swing and the Fisher Price Baby Papisan Swing.

I love mongrammed burp cloths. I think they are so much cuter than the plain white ones. You can always find cute ones on

I used Dr. Browns bottles with Paisley and they always leaked. I tried the Born Free this time and I LOVE THEM!! They are the easiest bottles to wash and clean. Definitely a "must-have."

Amy Coe for Babies R Us has some great bags and cooler bags for bottles. My mama gave me this one for Christmas and I just LOVE it. It is great for those times when you are just taking a bottle and paci and no bag.

The last baby item I think you need is a really cute and practical baby bag! There are so many to choose from. I think this one is precious. I found it on E-bay.

A few baby shopping tips:
1. Borrow from friends. My girlfriends and I share it all!
2. Check the consignment stores.
3. Always check E-bay/Etsy for those one-of-a-kind gifts!!

Happy Baby Shopping!


Jason and Lisa Clark said...

I debated on if I should get a nap nanny for my child back when u posted you got one months ago. My little girl was already 8 weeks old and I was scared she would grow out of it fast. I will so be getting one if I have another though. Footed sleepers are my fave!!! They have some super cute ones and their sweet baby feet don't get cold:)

Jason and Lisa Clark said...

Oh and the playmat was the best invention ever. Makenzie is 5 months old and she plays all day in hers and when she is quite I realize she has fallen asleep on her playmat. Best part about it is when she wakes up she goes right back to playing:) love it!!

SnLStrawder09 said...

I have several of these items and love them! The one thing I didn't buy that I wish I had was the swing... my daughter started daycare this week and loves it!

Ford Family said...

Ginger loves Soothie pacifiers!!

Jenny Griffin Dukes said...

I loved the Boppy when I worked with the infants at church! Hands down, best invention ever, especially for those nursing mommas. The bumbo was usually great too, but I have seen two little ones fall over in it, so once your little one has more control of his body, I'd probably stop using it. My little ones that aren't very mobile yet, LOVE IT!!!! Good job, Katie Jane! Your blog is always so informtive of the up-to-date-need-to-know stuff!!!! KUDOS!!!

Lesley said...

Loved the swing. Ours was similar. My girls slept great in the swing those first few weeks!! Wish the nap nanny was around for me. Haley was horribly colicy!!! AWFUL!!! Cried all day. Great stuff, KJ!!

Kim said...

The rainforest swing was my favorite because it can be plugged in. We went through batteries like crazy with the first two!

Kim said...

PS. Baby Bjorn? Lifesaver for me. And Hooter Hider? Ingenious. I only wish I had thought of it first. (Story of my life!!)

tammie said...

the name "hooter hiders" is the best!!!! I love that. They didn't have those when my sis in law was nursing or I would def have gotten her one!

tammie said...

oh, and about those soothies, they were new on the market when Colleen was born 11 years ago and she was a preemie and would only suck those kind. Just be glad that they are easier to come by now. River Oaks would only give you one and you had to order the others from a catalog!!!

Jason and Lisa Clark said...

Where do you buy your monogrammed burp cloths and other stuff from? Looking for different places:)

Stephanie said...

I wish they had half of these great things when my kids were born. My youngest is only 5 and I would have killed for a nap nanny! I had babies with reflux and i was always trying to prop them up in the crib in bouncy seats etc!

Anna said...

Oh my goodness! Reading this made me realize all of the things I have basically forgotten about. These days we're using "big kid" stuff. I do, however, have some input on a couple of these things. 1) The Soothie pacifiers are A-MAZ-ING. Both of my girls refused any other brand. 2) The Born Free bottles are great! We used them with Elise. I love, love, love them. They are a little expensive (or at least I thought) but well worth it.

Carrie said...

Another tip I always give new moms is buy the gown. Yes, even for boys. Those first few weeks being home, when you're really not leaving the house and are changing diapers constantly, it is so much easier to just pull it up rather than snap, unsnap, zip, take off, etc. Cotton ones are perfect, warm, and monogrammable! Time saver for all new mommies!