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Monday, December 13, 2010


I am still alive...just barely...but I am here....

Obviously a man at our company decided to have a 5 day work meeting during Christmas. In Orlando. SO as you can tell, I am wayyyy behind on Christmas shopping and blogging and calls and samples. Craziness.

Here are some pictures from our National Sales Meeting.....

This is Mark S. He is our VP of Sales. And my BIG boss. And he is VERY large. As in, looks-like-a-mobster-and-kick-yo-tail BIG! He is super nice and one of the reasons I have stayed for 6 years. The girls are Nicole (blonde) and Amy G (brunette)...

2010 President's Club is in Ireland this year. It is a big secret and they usually reveal it on the night of the Awards Dinner. Winning President's Club once or twice in your career is a HUGE accomplishment. You win money, a watch, a trip that is at least 10,000 or more, and many other things. My new manager has won 10 times!!! She is amazing!!

They had an entire Irish theme, with food, music, and Irish dancers. It was very nice.
And no, I am not going. BOO. But I had a baby this that is WAY better than Ireland..

This is a picture of our dessert. This entire thing was cheesecake and it was ALL edible.
This year, they told us in advance where President's Club is...EGYPT!!!
I REALLY want to go! Hopefully, I will make it!

Ellen and Kelly...

My two BFF's.....Shannon and Amy G.

And these folks are some of my very best friends... I love them all very much. I am honored to work with them. We usually only see one another once or twice a year, so we spend as much time as possible at these meetings together. I seriously talk on the phone to Shannon at least 3 times a day, maybe more. HA!

Such a fun week but I am crazy trying to finish Christmas stuff. And it is 12 degrees here today. INSANE for Nashville!!

Love you all,


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J! said...

I think whoever picked Orlando knew that your cousin missed you really bad and needed to see you! Looove that we got to hang out and can't wait to see all the Goodes soon!