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Wednesday, December 01, 2010



That is a record here lately!!

-These pictures are HIGHlarious! Paisley looks drugged and Griff is asleep sitting straight up. I try to keep his little tail up AS LATE as I can, so he will sleep all night. HA!

-Please pray for my friends, Erin and Courtney. There dad is in the hospital at Vanderbilt and is on life support due to organ failure and sepsis. Please lift him up. His name is Lee and he is super young. They are devastated.

-This quite possibly was the longest day EVER.

-I saw about a 100 doctors (okay, 13) and then went and spray tanned, went to Michael's, went to the post office, had lunch, ordered 2 lunches and food for this weekend, came home, took care of babies, made dinner, baths, decorated Paisley's Christmas tree and then it fell over. So we redecorated. Then I counted samples, entered them, worked on a case study, and baked cookies for a doctor. I am exhausted!

-Nighty night friends!!



Sally said...

the pics are priceless!!! miss you friend, xoxo

Anna said...

You amaze me with everything you do. I thought I was always going but you, you really ARE always going.