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Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Sarah Palin is going to be at Costco today in Franklin, Tennessee. She will start signing books at 11am, and there are already 1,000 people there!! And it is 31 degrees outside. INSANE!

I make it a rule NOT to talk politics on this blog, because people get into a spitting match and that is sheer craziness. Some of my very best friends have different political opinions than I do and I love them dearly and variety is the spice of life.

In saying all that, I have flip flopped on my views of Sarah Palin. At first I liked her, especially when I heard she E-bayed the jet they provided when she was governor of Alaska (At the time, Nancy Pelosi, who is incredibly wealthy, was asking the US Government to fly her and her entire family back and forth weekly from Washington to San Francisco, aboard Air Force One. Translation = we paid for it.) And I loved the fact that she had been married, to the same man, her entire life. And had a child with Down Syndrome who, by the way, is the cutest thing EVER!! She is beautiful, smart and very practical. And she has a litter of kids! I don't know about you, but every mother I know who has 3 or more kids is VERY productive in getting things done! Multi-tasking is their specialty!

But then she became a psuedo-celebrity. Which I am not a fan of. I am very old school in thinking we should have politicians and celebrities, but NOT both. I didn't like all the drama. Too much spotlight, family drama, etc., etc, etc.....And now a reality show?? Please make it stop.


I watched Sarah Palin's Reality Show for 10 minutes and I found her very fascinating. And I have to say, I like her as a person. I don't know if I feel she is the best candidate for President, but I like her. I think she is the most normal person ever. To see her family fish and hunt, and live in a house that looks like it is 100 years old and there are shoes and coats and food everywhere! There are no maids (GASP) and cooks...wait, WHAT?WHAT?

Yes kids, she is grilling out her food with her husband, bare footed and kissing his cheek! You know, like us normal girls on a Saturday night! And there are no nannies (take note Camille Grammer.) Just babies, and grandparents, and prayers at supper time! I am thrilled to see that most of the time, she is a mama, wearing sweat pants and a pullover jacket. Now, the bangs...I am not a fan...
BUT she rocks it with those glasses.

And what about how beautiful Alaska is? I want to take a trip! Holy smokes, it is gorgeous!!!

So what are your thoughts about Sarah Palin?

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Rachel Osborne said...

I completely concur with you! I am in awe of the fact that she DOES NOT have nannies, cooks, etc but is a MOTHER in every sense of the word. I believe, and yes, Camille G, take note, that this is how families all across AMERICA should be. She, her husband and her family could be a great example to others in this country. I only wish her and her family the best!! This is a MOTHER...Camille, um, well, I'm not sure that I would call her a MOTHER....although I can't turn away from her show no matter how hard I try. :)

Rhondi said...

I watched it too this week, & loved it. Made me want to go to Alaska pronto. I initially hated Bristol when I saw her on DWTS, but the show made me like her. She's funny. I like Sarah better now that I've seen the show.

Heath1202 said...

First of all, I just have to say how much I look forward to your blog posts. I love your style, LOVE the tv you watch, and now I love that we're in a similar boat on Sarah Palin! I really liked her when she first came on the scene, but then it did seem like she was more after a bit of celebrity. My turning point came when she left her position as governor of Alaska. In general, I think you should always finish what you start (something that I struggle with often) and I feel even more strongly about it considering the fact that she was elected. And now, her show reminds me of what I loved about her in the first place. All that being said, I would probably still have some issues with voting for her in any capacity. Even as the conservative mid-western girl that I am. Also...RHBH...Camille?!? She kills me, but I can't stop watching. It might be my favorite from the whole franchise.

Ford Family said...

The verdict is still out on Sarah Palin; however, I am completely ready to talk about Camille from RHBH. She needs to get over herself. No one needs four nannies and a house manager!! What does a house manager even do?? Anywho...I digress. I needed to get that off my chest since my husband thinks it's a trashy show and won't discuss it with me. Happy weekend!!