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Friday, November 05, 2010


Now I know why people have 10 kids...I am already thinking to myself, "I love the baby stage and I don't want it to end!" WAHHHH.

Ok, not that much. But I definitely WANT another one. In about 5 years.

Sweet Griffin is:

1) Sitting up for about 2 minutes at a time.
2) Eating everything in sight! Including his feet and fists.
3) He has discovered his ahem, "wenis" as Paisley likes to call it.
4) He loves to jump. Any by jump, I mean as HIGH as he can in his Bounceroo. So cute.
5) His eyes light up at the sight of Paisley. And Paisley does not give him the time of day.
6) The car rides are MUCH better, due to the DVD player. Thank you LORD! I mean, really, Thank you Lord.
7) No teeth, but swollen gums and lots of drooling.
8) Eating all Stage 1 and 2 Babyfood, and Soy Formula
9) Loves to babble
10) And loves to poop. Boys seem to poop more. At least in this house! HAHA....TMI...I can hear my mama saying now.

Love you all and have a great Friday!



Kim said...

You do not need to explain that theory to me . . . Why do you think I have three kids?! Thankfully my husband had the foresight to point out we need to feed/dress/educate all these babies I like to have. We still haven't ruled out a girl sometime in the future (clearly an adoption)! GHG is so cute. I want to kiss his face. Let's do lunch soon!

Sally said...

ahhhh!!! how cute is he???