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Thursday, November 11, 2010


What a FUN weekend...All of out friends were in town for Anne Laura's Baby Shower!
It was so great to see everyone and don't we have pretty friends? I love these girls! Anne Laura's sister Susan had a professional photographer come to the shower, which was so nice! I did not take a single picture!

And look at this cutie! Is he sweet or what? He now has spiky hair and a tooth. He will be driving before I know it.

After the shower on Saturday, we packed up and headed to Mississippi for a few days. I was dying to see my family and my mama and daddy's house. We also had a blast with my sister and her children. I picked them up from school and met their teachers, principal, packed lunches, and spoiled them. They left me screaming and crying on Wednesday. I LOVED every minute of it!

We went and got manicures and pedicures, did some shopping at Justice and also went to Sweet CeCes for some yogurt. It was so much fun to get away for a few days.

One day, I took them to Sal and Mookie's for pizza and ice cream. It was so fun!

We had fun tearing up this banana split!

Here is Paisley in her element!!

She loves her Joe man....

She is really into posing right now. My dad caught her posing and taking pictures of herself all weekend. She says she is going to be a famous singer. Hilarious.

And Griffin sporting his walker and spiked hair! Love this little man. He is not sleeping well at all due to the time change. Ugh.

Paisley watching the boys fish at my parent's house...

The lake out their back door at sunset. So pretty!

The kitchen....they are still in move-in mode.

And I also went to Clinton to meet a dear friend, Ms. Mary Catherine Gentry. Afterwards, we went by my old stomping ground, Mississippi College in Clinton. Such fun memories.

This is the door right by our dorm room that I lived in for 3 years!! Craziness!

We had so much fun here.....Brings back great memories....

I have missed y'all. Life is busy but great.


Ford Family said...

I was just at Sal and Mookie's last Friday night. I love love love their Hebrew National panini. So glad you were able to come back home to Mississippi for a little while :)

Kim said...

Miss Paisley is getting big, big, big. And I love your mom's kitchen! Glad you had a good trip.

The Miller's Blog said...

AAAWWWWWW!!!!! Ms. Gentry. Love that lady!!!!