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Monday, November 22, 2010


-I LOVE my new stroller. I wasn't digging the BLUE, but I snagged this for a BARGAIN. As in, $250 off!! For that much, I can handle the color. And Griffin loves it. He loves being able to sit next to Paisley and look out.

-My house is starting to feel cluttered. This is when I go around the house with a garbage bag and start throwing away. The kids and dogs run and hide, they are afraid they might be next.
I am one of those people who cannot even watch Hoarders. It makes me itch and break out in hives.

-I booked our Disney trip today. YAY! We originally planned for October, but that did not work with my company layoffs and Stephen's job.

-I am already trying to find Christmas cards. This proves to be a daunting task. And an expensive one, especially when you send out 150+ cards.

-So excited about being home this week, not traveling, cooking, decorating, watching movies, and Black Friday shopping. I am one of those crazy people that will knock you DOWN for that last cashmere sweater or Nutcracker at Kohl's. I make Stephen go, too. He drives my getaway van. But don't worry, I am not wearing a fanny pack.

-Can't wait to see Tangled and Love and Other Drugs this week. LAOD is about the pharmaceutical industry and the launch of Viagra. I hope it doesn't make our industry look too bad. But Jake Gyllenhal. HAWT. Can't wait to see him on the big screen in his black Ray-Bans. Wowzers.

-I feel sorry for Santa Claus. December isn't even here and I am already tired. I can't imagine how tired he must be...



Katie said...

I just saw in the Sunday paper or in an email that *somewhere* is doing 100 photo cards for $15...I think it was CVS or something, but I'll have to check my trash folder...

Katie said...

Ok, it's not CVS afterall. It's Sam's for Black Friday. Go to from 11/26 - 11/28. There are over 200 4x8 and 6x8 card designs and they all have silver foil-embossed envelopes!

Happy Thanksgiving!