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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


My cousin Julianne was married this summer (I am sure most of you remember the wedding pictures) and has a chance to win a FREE canvas of an engagement photo (They are both wearing sunglasses, so cute!) Please go here and simply write the word VOTE. It would mean SOoooooo much to me!

Come on, as many giveaways as I give you peeps?? JK.

**You must be logged into Facebook to view. It is under Jeff Chao Photography.

I will post later today. Thanks and Gobble Gobble!!!




Katie said...

Do I have to be a friend or a fan to vote? I didn't have a comment box to write VOTE!.....

Julianne said...

Yes, you have to friend him to vote... But he said everyone can de-friend later if they want! Thanks so much, guys!